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Are You Ready for Some Football...or Any Other Sports

Whether you're watching the Super Bowl, World Series, NBA Championships, The Stanley Cup Finals, The Masters, or any other sporting event, part of the enjoyment is devouring delicious food while you watch. Go to any game and look around, you'll no doubt see several individuals munching on peanuts, hot dogs, nachos, and several other goodies. Another thing you will notice is that all those snacks are relatively easy to prepare and better yet, some require no preparation at all. Also, if you're not in the mood to cook or make any concoctions, you can purchase all of the following game day snacks already prepared. So, are you ready for some football…or any other sports, you can be, with the following snacks. 

10 Easy Game Day Snacks 


Pizza is always at the top of almost everyone's game day snack list. With the onslaught of all the major chains that deliver, you can enjoy a hot slice of mouthwatering pizza within 30 minutes from the time you order it. On game days, however, it may take a tad bit longer so order early. Also, many of the large chains offer online ordering which makes it quick and easy. One of my favorites is PaPa John's Pizza; I can order my pizza exactly the way I want it, even choosing the amount of sauce and cheese.   


Hoagies or submarine sandwiches are very popular with the sports crowd.  Many fans order foot-long subs and have them sliced into several snack sized pieces. If you want to make homemade Hoagies, you can use French bread, Italian bread or even ciabatta bread. Add your favorite luncheon meats, cheeses, and vegetables and enjoy. If you'll be serving several people serve condiments and seasonings on the side.   

7-Layer Bean Dip 

Seven layer bean dips are delicious and easy to prepare. You can make the souFritos Bean DipCredit: Frito Layr cream mixture the evening before your party then assemble the layers about an hour or two prior to serving. Mix a container of sour cream with 1 package of taco seasoning and store it in the refrigerator for a minimum of 2 hours to overnight. Start the seven layer dip with a can of Fritos Bean Dip and spread it on a medium to large serving plate. Next, spread the sour cream/taco seasoning mixture on top of the Bean Dip as the second layer. The third layer is guacamole (it can be homemade or store bought). Next, add your favorite salsa for the fourth layer and shredded cheese as the fifth. The last two layers are made up of chopped tomatoes and chopped black olives. Keep refrigerated until ready to serve.  

Pigs in a Blanket 

Dip them in mustard, ketchup, barbeque or hot sauce, or any type of a sauce; pigs in a blanket are a fun and easy snack. Buy them frozen and bake just prior to serving or make them yourself. All you need are some refrigerated crescent rolls; cut each square into half or quarter slices then wrap them around a 'Little Smokies' sausage or a cocktail frank. Bake according to the package directions on the crescent rolls and serve with several dipping options. Be sure to have plenty of Pigs in a Blanket on hand because they are a sport's fan favorite. 

Guacamole with Tortilla Chips 

Whether you're hosting a large or small group, you should have lots of guacamole on hand because it goes quickly. To make guacamole for a small group start with 2-3 medium to large ripe avocados; for larger groups you’ll want to use anywhere from 4-6. Chop a red onion and add to taste (if you like red onions add half an onion, if you want less add a little portion). Chop and add a tomato with a pinch of salt and some lemon or lime juice. Add your favorite salsa and serve with tortilla chips (homemade or store bought). 


I can't think of anyone who doesn't enjoy nachos. Have them with melted cheese alone or load them up with the works. Some of the most popular toppings are a combination of cheeses, refried or chili beans, guacamole, sour cream, chopped tomatoes, olives, green onions, jalapeños, salsa, and any other items you like. That's the beauty of Nachos you can have them your way! Nachos are definitely a winner when it comes to easy game day snacks! 

Chips & Dip 

Sour cream based dips with a verity of chips are always crowd pleasers. Of course, you can add veggies like carrots and celery. Buy your favorite dip flavors like Ranch, onion, vegetable, green onion, or any others. Add one package of the dip mix to one container of sour cream and refrigerate. Popular chips are plain, barbeque, Ruffles, and corn chips. 

Hot Wings 

The 'granddaddy' of game day snacks are hot wings, also known as 'Buffalo wings' or 'Buffalo hot wings' because they originate from Buffalo, New York. They are deep-fried chicken wings covered in chili sauce and consumed with a 'cool' dip. The classic hot wing sauce is a vinegar-based cayenne pepper sauce and butter. To balance the heat and cool the palette a hot wing is generally served with a side of blue cheese dip/dressing. 

Potato Chips

Potato CipsDuring Super Bowl season bags of potato chips fly off the shelves of local supermarkets. Just as a popular brand touts in their advertising; "You can’t eat just one!" Some of the most favorite chip flavors are plain, barbeque, sour cream and cheddar cheese, and Ruffles brand chips. Potato chips are great alone or with dips, and they are the easiest game day snack to serve because all you have to do is open the bag!





A hot bowl of chili really hits the spot, not only is it delicious but very filling. There are several flavorsome recipes on the web and chili is relatively easy to make. But, if you are cooking challenged, you can find some very tasty canned chili at your local grocery store. One great idea is to purchase two or three different brands of chili and mix them together for an easy, yummy dish. There are also vegetarian verities for those who prefer not to consume meat. 


What's a game day snack without a nice cold beverage to go with it? By far, beer is the most popular but sodas, iced tea, and lemonade are not far behind. The healthiest drink for you, however, is water.


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