10 Easy Ramen Noodle Recipes

Quick Ramen Noodle Recipes


Ramen noodles are extremely versatile noodles that you can cook on a stove or microwave.  Personally, I prefer the taste of ramen noodles when their heated on a stove, however microwaving is much more practical in my dorm room.  If you eat ramen noodles for an extremely long time, you reach a limit as to the amount of taste satisfaction you can obtain from the simple noodle standard recipe.  I've perfected the art of creating easy ramen noodle recipes that are quick.  Instead of the bland, pre-packaged flavor of the ramen noodles, I've discovered new additions to the packaged noodles that heightens the taste in so many ways.  Some of these easy ramen noodles may require several different ingredients, while others may just need one or two things that you probably have in stock.  These are the top 10 easy ramen noodle recipes (that are very quick to make).


1. Hot Sauce Ramen - I included this recipe first, because it's the one that I most frequently use.  Hot sauce is my favorite addition to the ramen noodles that I cook.  The recipe is as easy as heating up a fresh batch of ramen (preferably the hot & spicy chicken ramen), then dousing your creation with hot sauce.  I don't have precise measurements of how much hot sauce to include in this easy "hot sauce ramen" recipe, however include as much as you think you'd desire.

2. Shredded Cheese Ramen - The shredded cheese ramen recipe is delicious and very simple.  Chances are, you have a bag of shredded cheddar cheese in your refrigerator.  Simply put however much cheese you want in your noodle creation before you stick it in the microwave.  This way, the cheese melts completely and spreads throughout the noodles.  You can explore the use of different types of shredded cheese in your ramen noodle recipe, mozerella or pepperjack may create an interesting dish.  This is another quick, delicious ramen noodle recipe that is sure to satisfy your taste buds.

3. Ritz Cracker Ramen Casserole - When I create this dish, I usually start off by using recipe #2.  Cheese works well with this specific easy ramen noodle recipe (some of these 10 easy ramen noodle recipes will collide into one another, you can also mix and match as much as you want).  Once the shredded cheese ramen is complete, pull it out of the microwave, then drain the water so that it's in cheese noodles form, instead of a soup form.  Crunch a ton of Ritz crackers over top of the noodles, then mix the dish together so that everything is spread completely throughout.  This delicious ramen noodle recipe is very quick to cook, and tastes outstanding.

4. Dorito Ramen Noodles - This recipe may sound a little confusing, and I'm sure you're curious as to whether or not it would actually taste right.  I will warn you, that you have to be in the right mood for this recipe.  It follows the same format as recipe #3, except you crunch up Dorito's chips into your shredded cheese ramen noodles.  Doritos can become an excellent addition to your ramen noodles, and it had to be included in this list of 1o easy ramen noodle recipes.  It's extremely quick to make, and is wonderful for a late night snack.

5. Soy Sauce Ramen - This delicious ramen noodle recipe only requires one extra item, thus making it a very quick recipe.  Simply drain the water from your ramen noodles, then add a plentiful supply of soy sauce to the noodles.  Though this recipe is so easy to make, it had to be included in this list of 10 easy ramen noodle recipes, because it is so delicious.

Ramen 2

6. Ramen Tomato Soup - This delicious ramen noodle recipe is extremely easy and quick to make.  The only addition to the ramen noodle package of your choice, is a can of condensed tomato soup.  Simply keep your ramen noodles in soup form by not draining the water, and cook a cup of a condensed tomato soup with them.  This will leave you with a delicious concoction that will be extremely satisfying.

7. Ramen Noodle Spaghetti - Cook the ramen noodles package (but leave out the flavor packet that usually comes with them).  Heat the noodles up, drain the water, then heat a cup of marinara sauce.  This is a quick and easy spaghetti ramen recipe that is delicious.  It takes no time to make, and is one of the top 10 easy ramen noodle recipes.

8. Chili Cheese Ramen - Create the recipe mentioned in #2, and then preferably add a large amount of hot sauce.  Heat up a seperate bowl of chili, then combine the two.  This will create a delicious ramen noodle chili cheese bowl that tastes delicious.  It is very quick to make, but an amazing cooking recipe.  It's very easy to do as well, but very satisfying.

9. Lemon Ramen - All that this delicious, easy recipe needs, is a fresh lemon wedge.  Simply create a bowl of ramen noodles, drain the water, then squeeze a lemon on top of the noodles.  This adds a little flavor for those who don't think that the noodles alone are enough, but aren't willing to add a ton of different ingredients.  This is one of the 10 easy ramen noodle recipes, because it is so simple to make, but still tastes great.

10. Tuna Ramen - With this dish, simply heat up a bowl of ramen (add cheese if you'd like), drain the water, heat up a seperate bowl that contains a drained can of tuna.  Once the two objects are heated, mix them together.  This works very well if you add crackers and hot sauce.  Tuna Ramen is an excellent, delicious ramen noodle recipe, and is one of my favorites on this list of 10 easy ramen noodle recipes.

There are many different ways to make boring dishes that we often make, much better.  These 10 easy recipes for ramen noodles will hopefully spice up the boring noodle dish that we all eat so often.  Another good side item for any of these ramen noodle dishes is a grilled cheese sandwich (which I discuss how to make a perfect grilled cheese sandwich in an article I wrote).  I hope these 10 easy ramen noodle recipes were enjoyable!