10 Easy Ways to increase productivity

There are ways to increase productivity but most people do not know about them. With technology giving us more tools, gadgets and possibilities it’s often difficult not to be seduced by the amount of information we can consume in minutes. “How to increase productivity” is a question entrepeneurs and business people ask themselves in order to find more time to do what they are hopefully passionate about doing whilst working and in their personal life.  Below are 10 ways to de-clutter your mind, desk and desktop and bring productive processes back into your everyday life.

1-    Keep your Files organized:

When you are working on computer, it’s better to keep your files organized by keeping them in separate folders and develop a habit of naming files in a simple and easy to locate way. This will make your work easier and you can efficiently complete your work.

2-    Keep your Emails organized:

You can also organize your emails as you have saved your files in appropriate folders. All the emails including the sent emails should be saved because you may need them in future. Each of your client or project should be assigned separate folders and also keep a folder in which you can save the receipts of items to keep a record of items you have purchased.

3-    Keep your Paperwork Organized:

Similarly, keeping your paperwork organized will also make your work much easier for you, especially when you are paying your taxes. As given above, assign a file cabinet or two having the title of work saved in it. Try organizing  your paperwork at least once a week and try to avoid letting it pile up.

4-    Keep your Computer clean:

Those using Apple computers may find it a little easier but regardless of this all of you should keep your computer clean i.e. keep your computer virus, spyware and clutter free, as this is very important if you want to increase productivity. Viruses slow down the system and when your system is not performing properly, it only wastes your time and adds frustration.

5-    Keep your Workspace clean:

Keeping your workspace clean is really essential as it can reduce stress and make you feel better in a clean environment. Secondly, keeping everything on its place helps you prevent your office becoming messy and you can work easily and efficiently with stationary and tools close at hand.

6-    Always make a To-do List:

Another most important thing which can increase productivity is a To-do list of tasks/things that you have to do in a day. You can do this by making a To-do list on the notepad on your computer and then update it as you finish a task. It feels really good when you cross a task on the list which you have completed. You can also add numbers or dots on the list with tasks which you feel more important to finish first.

7-    Always keep a Notepad with you:

For creative people, ideas can come as often as twenty a day and without somewhere to record them they’ll undoubtedly be lost forever. A notepad or even a dictaphone will be invaluable for you when you have to note down things instantly when you’re talking to a client or even brainstorming some ideas.

8-    Do get a Good Sleep Schedule:

It is really important to get good sleep so that you feel refreshed and full of energetic to do more work each day. Sometimes you have to stay up late and finish your work but when it’s not necessary then you should try to sleep early. Proper sleep guarantees freshness of mind and indirectly increases productivity.

9-    Be the Master of Keyboard Shortcuts:

Learning keyboard shortcuts really saves your time while doing your work. You can find these shortcuts in booklets or you can Google them.

10-Install Browser Add-ons:

Browser add-ons/extensions for browsers like Firefox and Google Chrome can effortlessly increase productivity of an individual. By using these extensions you will have access to all the information with the click of a button and you will not have to visit various websites to look for what you need.