A large amount of work goes into every marketing email, whether a single entrepreneur or a large multinational corporation is sending it. Some emails pass through dozens of hands before finally being sent. This provides an opportunity for mistakes to develop. These mistakes can confuse customers and often embarrass businesses.


One of the most common mistakes is a blatant misspelling or typo in the email copy. Typos are embarrassing because it implies a lack of attention or care on the part of the company. They are also embarrassing because a simple spell checker will prevent the problem from occurring.

Failed Unsubscribe Requests

Email list management is easier than other types of marketing list management. It is still embarrassing when an unsubscribe request is not processed correctly. Sending emails to an address that should not be present on a list is a waste of resources. It also creates angry customers who will question the competency of the business because of the error.

Incorrect Personalization

An embarrassing mistake that has occurred in many marketing emails is the wrong personalized message. This usually means placing the wrong customer name at the top of the email body. This mistake immediately defeats the carefully crafted content of the email. It is also very embarrassing because it reveals a small piece of the behind-the-scenes automation of marketing. This could cause customers to question future personalized communications.

Broken Links

Links appear throughout marketing emails in prominent locations or as part of a call to action. Customers who click a link have become interested in visiting a landing page or purchasing a product. It is very embarrassing when customers who click the link receive an error message or an irrelevant page. Testing is an easy way to prevent this mistake.

Incorrect Content

Some businesses have sent embarrassing emails that contain the wrong content. One common mistake is to leave generic messages in fields such as incomprehensible lorem ipsum blocks or generic messages providing instructions on how to use a design program. Another embarrassing mistake is to add content intended for another email. This could mean mailing internal drafts of advertisements or sending a marketing email for the wrong brand.

Too Many Emails

Even the best email marketing management applications have complex switches and details that could cause confusion. This sometimes results in an embarrassing email campaign that floods potential and existing customers with multiple emails every day. This is a mistake that is embarrassing and that could have serious consequences like a drop in sender reputation or massive unsubscribe requests.

Badly-Timed Discount Offers

Some email marketing techniques look very good during planning and development. One embarrassing mistake that some companies make is to send aggressive discounts or other offers as soon as an order is placed. This causes customers to wonder why they did not receive the discount on the order just submitted. This often causes an increase in customer service transactions as customers threaten to just cancel and reorder using the newly sent discount code.

Bad Subject Lines

An embarrassing mistake that some email marketers make is to use a confusing or misleading subject line. This is embarrassing because it could lower open rates if customers think the email is about something else. It could also trigger automatic scanning applications to mark the email as spam so that it never reaches the inbox of the recipients. This could destroy an entire campaign.

Bad Formatting

Larger businesses compose marketing emails in several different applications. The final email draws on assets from multiple locations. The finished design does not always translate correctly when converted into an actual email. It is very embarrassing when an otherwise well-designed marketing email is ruined because of poor or nonexistent formatting. Customers who open one of these emails might see nothing but a single long line of text and images that makes no sense.

Placeholder Copy

The most embarrassing marketing email mistakes often involve poor or inappropriate phrasing. This occurs when rough placeholder copy is never revised. It also happens when companies attempt to use new slang or colloquialisms without fully understanding the context. The result could be an email-marketing message with an undesirable subtext.