We all use the internet everyday for school, work and fun. Sure, you can go about with just a mouse most of the time and do just fine with menus and buttons, but if you spend a goodvariety of browsers amount of time surfing the web, then it's high time you learned these handy shortcuts, especially if you utilize tabbed browsing. All of these shortcuts work in Firefox, Google Chrome and Internet Explorer 7 and up. Even browsers that are older will still work with some of the shortcuts since a lot of the keys are standardized. (The Opera browser changes some of the standard keys but the majority are the same)


This creates a new tab in the browser.

CTRL+ Page Down/ Page Up

This shortcut lets you switch between tabs. Ctrl and Page Up allows you to go to the tab to the left, while Ctrl Page down lets you go to the tab to the right.


Sometimes a webpage does not load correctly, or if you design webpages or content yourself, you need to quickly update the browser's cache of images that have changed. Instead of going through a bunch of tedious drop down menus, hit F5 and the page will reload.


This one moves your highlighted attention to the address bar so you can type in a new web address. For instance, if you are at a page and want to go somewhere else, after hitting alt+D, your browser will have all the text in the address bar highlighted and you can instantly delete and type a new address.


Shows the download window so you can check on the status of all the file downloads in the browser easily since the little window tends to drop out of view.


Makes the browser go into full screen mode, which is very useful for full page text articles such as news or journals. Hit F11 again to get out of full screen mode. You can still access some of the browser functions from this view by moving your mouse to the top of the page and the browser menu bar should drop down.

CTRL (+)/ (-)

Press ctrl and the "+" sign on your keboard at the same time to zoom in and magnify the webpage content. Press ctrl and "-" to zoom out. If you zoom in and out a lot, you may find yourself unsure as to what the default zoom on the page is. That's ok, because by pressing ctrl + 0, you can reset the view to normal! Also, instead of using the + and - signs, you can use the mouse wheel scroll instead. Hold the ctrl key down and scroll the mouse wheel to zoom in and out in the browser.


If you're trying to find an important keyword in a long article or a huge webpage forum, then it saves tremendous amounts of time by searching for the exact keyword that interests you. Most modern browsers have a live search tool, meaning that it searches and highlights words as you type.


Has to be one of the biggest headache reducers ever created. This baby will bring your last closed tab back from the dead. You can press this one multiple times to bring back multiple closed tabs in the sequence that they were closed. The greatest thing about this is that the browser will also keep track of your browsing history in that tab, so that you can actually go back and forwards in the tabs.

Middle Mouse Wheel Click

Have you ever clicked on a link and was annoyed that it brought you to the new site and replaced the one you were just reading? Fret no more! This nifty shortcut will allow you to open any link and force it to go into its own tab, without switching to it immediately so you can finish reading the current site. When you have your mouse cursor hovering over a link, click with the middle mouse wheel (granted some really old mice don't have this feature, if you don't go get one that does). Also of note, you can close any tabs with the middle mouse wheel by clicking the tabs themselves.