Shortcut keys make your work on the computer quicker and easier. Whether you're a complete newbie or a tech guru, you may not have known about some of the following shortcuts. These lesser known, but highly useful keys will make your life a lot easier.

1) WIN+D

Displays the desktop instantly. Pressing again will revert back to open windows. This shortcut is a big time saver when you want to see something on your desktop and go back to the open program.

2) ALT + F4

Closes the active program instantly. Also a really great way to be a jerk. Approach your unsuspecting victim and hit alt+f4 really quickly. RUN!

3) ALT + TAB

This switches between open windows. If you hold ALT while tapping TAB, you can cycle through your windows (In vista and windows 7, a visual display also pops up). This shortcut is also useful for switching out of a full screen program like a movie or a game to check on something, then going back in.

The following three shortcuts are probably the most useful time savers on the list. If you don't know these shortcuts, now would be a good time to learn. Once you get the hang of it, you'll never go back to using the right click-menu method again!

4) CTRL + Mouse Select

Ever wanted to copy a group of pictures while skipping some others? Well you can! While holding down the ctrl key, use your mouse to select the files you want. You can let go of the mouse button, then click it again and select another group. You can also add/remove individual files from the selection by clicking them with the ctrl key still pressed down.

5) CTRL + C

Copies the current selection.

6) CTRL + V

Pastes whatever was copied or cut previously.


Brings the task manager up without having to go through selecting it in the windows logon screen in Vista and Windows 7.


Takes a snapshot of your current window. You can then paste this into MS paint, Photoshop, or any other graphics program. (Print screen is on the top right of your keyboard, to the right of the backspace key)

9) CTRL + Z

Undo whatever task you just did. This command is very useful in a wide variety of programs. For instance, if you accidentaly highlighted and deleted part of your essay, hit ctrl+z to bring everything back.


Locks the computer instantly so you don't have to go through the start menu and the sliding menus.