When it comes to panda facts, the extent of most people's knowledge is that they're white and black and they eat bamboo—however, there are quite a few other facts about pandas! So, here are a few fun things that you may not have known regarding facts about pandas and other panda facts regarding their habits, habitat, and quite a few other fun facts! This is a wide collection of panda facts and loads of other fun things that you may not have known about them!

Pandas Need To Eat Over 20 pounds of Bamboo

One interesting fact about pandas is that they have a bit of trouble with digesting foliage. They also don't eat meat, so that's not an option, even though they actually have the digestive system of a carnivore! Of all the facts about pandas, this is one of the most interesting panda facts!. So, in order to get enough nutrients out of their food, pandas have to eat quite a bit in order to gain any of their nutrients. This is why pandas prefer areas that have a lot of bamboo as well. This means that they also travel quite a bit, trying to find the very best food that they possibly could—and as much! One of many great panda facts! Not to mention, one of the most important pandas facts—after all, if you don't know what the pandas eat and why, the other facts about pandas don't make sense.

Male and Female Pandas Weigh Over 200 lbs

Even though pandas have to eat a lot to get enough nutrition—they also weigh over 200 lbs.! Even though they can't digest bamboo very well, they certainly can put it away! This is an interesting fact about pandas, since they're actually fairly small for most bears...but still pretty big! Pandas also are great tree climbers, despite their weight. This helps them to quickly escape any predators that they might come across. This is just one of many pandas facts.

Pandas Like the High Life

Pandas like being higher up. They live in higher elevations, such as 8,000-11,000 feet high! You probably wouldn't think that the little guys would have it in them! But, they actually live up there! This is the range where the bamboo grows the best...and the reason that they stay up there. One of the best facts about pandas is that they like to live higher up! However, this particular type of panda facts does make it pretty hard for people to spot them. Panda facts and facts about pandas usually leave this out!

Pandas Don't Hibernate

Another interesting fact about pandas is that they don't hibernate! Unlike other bears, they simply go up during the summer, where it's cooler...and during the winter, pandas go towards lower elevations so they can warm up! This is one of the most interesting panda facts, since almost of the rest of the bears do!

Pandas Used to Live All Over Asia!

One interesting fact about pandas is that they used to live in Vietnam, Myanmar, and all over China—as far north as Beijing! However, now they live in a much more isolated area. This is one of many panda facts that people don't know! However, now they're stuck to maybe six forests—instead of quite a large area. So, there are plenty of panda facts that people don't know—so onto more facts about pandas that you may not know!

Pandas Are Closely Related to Spectacled Bears

It's kind of funny—this particular fact about pandas is fairly interesting, since there are quite a few different panda facts regarding their origins. In some cases, it has been said that this type of bear most closely resembles racoons...or other bears. Now, bears, dogs, and racoons all seem to have come from the same type of animal, many thousands or even millions of years back. They then evolved and then slowly turned into their own species. Now, the panda facts before indicated that they were closely related to racoons. However, more recent facts about pandas are indicating that they are closely related to the spectacled bear in South America! This is actually pretty likely, looking at the similarities between the two!

They Mate Once a Year

Pandas go into heat about March thru may for anywhere from 2-7 days. During this time, the panda will mate with several different male bears in an attempt to get pregnant. However, they have to find each other first. Of the many panda facts, this is pretty typical of other bears as well. However, you have to keep in mind that pandas are also extremely endangered...meaning that there is a much higher likelihood that they either won't be able to find a mate or have other issues occur. Since males and females prefer different areas, this makes it a tiny bit harder for them to mate, since they may not be in the same area at the same time. One of many interesting facts about pandas.

Panda Moms Abandon the Weaker Cub

This fact about pandas might sound sad—but you have to understand that there's no other way to do it. Panda cubs are constantly threatened. If there are twin cubs, then the mother will pick the largest of the cubs instead of the smaller/weaker one, since cub mortality is so high and it's so hard for them to take care of the other cub. Of the facts about pandas, this has to be one of the saddest panda facts.

There Have Been Panda Programs Since 1940

One interesting fact about pandas is that we've been trying to save them since the '40s. There was an official program for pandas created in the '80s and they have been attempting to help pandas to breed and reproduce for years and years. Unfortunately, as you might assume, it's extremely hard to breed pandas in captivity and then reintroduce them to the wild. The unfortunate thing about this type of panda facts is that the best they can do is make sure they breed, and let them go on their way.

Pandas Sometimes Eat Birds or Rodents

While pandas are mainly veggie eaters (as stated in above panda facts), they will occasionally pop a rodent or bird or two for munching; keep in mind about the fact about pandas in which it states that they actually have the digestive system of a carnivore, but eat veggies.

These are just a few fun panda facts—what are your favorite facts about pandas?