The following are 10 little known fun facts about Postage stamps.

  1. Birth date of World's first stamp: May 6, 1840.
  2. Name of first Stamp-Penny Black (first stamps were all imperforate)
  3. What was on first postage stamps?-Queen Victoria's profile.

  4. Penny BlackWhat was size of the first stamp? - (3/4 by 7/8 inches).

  5. Second nation to have postage stamps: Brazil (called Ox Eyes.)

  6. In 1847 USfirst postage stamps was 5-cent was released.

  7. In 1855-Prepayment of postage required in United States.

  8. First perforated stamps - Great Britain in 1854 (1857 in the United States)

  9. First U.S.pictorial stamps-1869

  10. First U.S.commemorative stamps -1893. (They depict scenes of Columbus' voyage to America)