10 Facts About Sponges
10 Facts About Sponges

Did you know there are almost 5,000 differnt species of sponges? Many of us today probably also don't know that a sponge is an animal and it wasn't up until 1765 that sponges were thought to be a plant. Sponges are actually very interesting animals. If you read on, I gurarantee that you will be amazed to found out just how interesting a sponge can be!

Top Facts About Sponges

1. Sponges can cotain 16,000 other animals inside of it.

2. To prevent other sponges from attacking them, Sponges can produce chemicals to keep other sponges cells from growing

3. The chemicals that a sponge produces are being used to find a cure for cancer and many other diseases!

4. A new type of sponge is found every year.

5. One of the largest sponges ever was almost 10 feet wide.

6. Some sponges can be found thousands of feet below the oceans surface.

7. In such places as the Caribbean Sea, sponges can actually filter all of the water in one day.

8. When a part of a sponge breaks off, the broken part will form a new sponge.

9. If you strain a sponge through a cloth it will form a new shape on the other side.

10. Sponges do not have organs, instead they are made up of special cells that carry out all the processes.