10 Facts about Human Hair

Top 10 facts about Hair

Top 10 Facts about Human Hair

Many of us spend a lot of our time, styling, cutting, shaving, growing and washing our hair. We put our hair through a lot in order to have it look a certain way. There are many interesting facts associated with our hair which I think you will find very interesting.

  1. The amount of strands of hair you have may vary from person to person, however the color of your hair may actually make a difference in the average amount of strands you have. For instance people with blond hair typically have on average 140,000 strands, people with black hair have 110,000 and those with red hair have 90,000.
  2. Your hair is dead as soon as it leaves its root. This is a good thing. Could you imagine how much it would hurt to have your haircut if your hair was alive? Good thing this isn’t the case, or else most of us would have hair that touches the ground.
  3. Your hair is one of the fastest growing tissues in your body. The warmer the weather the faster your hair will grow. However contrary to popular belief, your hair does not grow faster when you cut it.
  4. In an average lifetime, each man will shave approximately 20,000 times. This equates to about 5 months of their life spent shaving.
  5. Even though we may be born with all of our hair follicles, each day we lose more and more of our hair. Each person looses approximately 40 to 100 strands of hair each day. Diets and hormone imbalance may also cause hair loss.
  6. As we grow older the pigment cells in our hair follicles start to die. The pigment cells are what are responsible for the “melanin” which is what gives each person their hair color and is what causes your hair to turn gray.
  7. A strand of hair has a lifespan of approximately 3 to 7 years and is about 0.1 mm in diameter. A typical strand has an annual growth of about 12 cm and can grow to a maximum of 70 to 90 cm.
  8. The only reversible causes for hair loss are thyroid imbalance and iron deficiency. Unfortunately  over 50% of men by the time they are 50 have male pattern hair loss. About 40% of women once they reach menopause will have female pattern hair loss. In both cases this is hereditary and cannot be reversed.
  9. You’re strands of hair are very strong. Its strength is equivalent to that of an iron wire. It has a load bearing capacity of about 100 grams.
  10. Many people have a cowlick due to the fact that their hair grows in a spiral pattern. This causes the hair to grow in weird angles and in some cases even straight up.