10 Facts about New Year's Eve

There is more to New Year's Eve than finding a party to attend and drink, it's a great time to practice traditions, eat great foods and make resolutions to better your life for the coming year.  It is an event that we celebrate each year and there are many interesting facts that are associated with it. I have put together a list of fun New Year’s Eve facts that I am sure you will enjoy.

  1. Be careful who you celebrate New Year’s Eve with! It has been suggested that the first visitor you see after bringing in the New Year will bring you either good luck or bad luck, depending on who their enemies or friends are. So make sure to celebrate with close friends and family, you don’t want to take any chances.
  2. Approximately 45% of adults make New Year’s resolutions each year. By the middle of January about 25% of these adults have already given up on these resolutions. The top New Year’s resolutions are quitting smoking, weight lose and trying to save more money.
  3. The first New Year’s Eve ball was dropped in 1907 at Times square and weighed approximately 700 pounds. Today’s ball weighs about 1,000 pounds and has over 2,600 crystals and 9,000 LED lights.
  4. Leave your car at home on New Year's Eve. Not only is there a lot of alcohol consumed on New Year’s eve, but it is also the holiday where more vehicles are stolen than any other holiday. Most vehicles are stolen in the early morning hours of New Year’s Day, however it may be due to the fact that people partied to hard the night before and had to leave their cars parked on the side of the street overnight.
  5. Ring-shaped food is good luck. Many people like to celebrate New Year’s Eve with foods that are ring-shaped since it symbolizes coming in full circle. The more ring-shaped foods you eat the more luck you will have in the coming year. So bring on the doughnuts!!
  6. Those who visit Times Square in New York City write down their wishes on confetti throughout the year. These wishes are then showered over the crowd that gathers at Times Square on New Year’s Eve for that year.
  7. The most visited places to celebrate New Year’s Eve are Las Vegas, New York City and Disney World! For those of us that can’t afford to celebrate New Year’s Eve at any of these places, the next place that is most popular to celebrate is your own home!
  8. New Year’s Eve is one of the oldest celebrated holidays. It is dated back to about 4000 years ago in early Babylon. The reason we celebrate January 1 as the New Year is simply by chance, there is no astronomical or agricultural significance behind this date. Julius Caesar is known for setting January 1 as the New Year.
  9. Western Nations have only celebrated New Years Eve for the last four centuries. Before this the celebrations that were associated with New Years were considered unchristian and pagan.  Many believed that the New Year should be celebrated on December 25 since this was the birth of Jesus.
  10. In the United States alone more than $480 million worth of sparkling wine is manufactured is each year. Most of these wines are purchased the days leading up to New Year’s Eve, where champagne and sparkling wines are the most popular drink to celebrate bringing in the New Year.