When you have a few pounds to lose, you have to know what food to eat and what to avoid. Doing so will ensure that you have a successful weight loss journey. But what do you do when you are totally confused aboutwoman-eating-tomato what to eat and what to leave? Do you panic, do you eat everything with no regard to right or wrong? Well, no matter what you did, I'm here to help you to eat right. That's why I have compiled this list of the top 10 things to eat when you want to lose weight - to ensure that you have a very successful weight loss journey!

1. Lean protein

Stick to lean proteins like chicken, lean red meat like fillet and lean mince and fish. They are high in lean protein and low in fat. The protein helps to build muscles which in turns build fat and increases the metabolism that you even burn calories in your sleep.

2. Whole grain carbs

Make sure that you only include whole grain carbs (pasta, bread and couscous) and brown rice and baby potatoes into your diet to make up your carbs content. They will keep you fuller for longer.

3. Fruit

Snack on fruit between meals - they are low calorie and the high fiber content will ensure that you stay full between meals.

4. Vegetables

See that half of your meal plate consists of either salad or vegetables. It will cut down on calories while filling you up.

5. Beans and other pulses

Beans and other pulses like lentils and bean sprouts are a great way to bulk up a meal while also saving on calories and money.

6. Nuts

Have a handful of nuts each day - they are full of the good fats. One of the best nuts are almonds, they help to speed up weight loss.

7. Chilies

Chilies will help you to eat less of the food that you added the chilies to. And as it is a fat burning food, you will also be burning more fat. Start with the milder chillies if you are a bit afraid of the heat of the chili.

8. Fat free dairy products

Stick to fat free dairy products, you will save a lot of fat. And the calcium in the dairy is also a natural weight loss aid.

9. Oats

Start your day with a bowl of oats and you will be full until lunch time. You can also add some cinnamon and/or a handful of raisins to your oats to make it a bit more exciting.

10.Healhty fats

Healthy fats (unsaturated) are part of a normal diet and it ensures that you keep fuller for longer. Good healthy fat choices includes avos, olives, fatty fish and nuts.


Exercise will also help you to lose weight. Do some cardio like running, walking, swimming or bike riding and also some weight training. When it comes to weights, you have 2 options using a free weight pair or saving time and using adjustable weight dumbbells instead. When you are doing your weight trianing at home, I recommend the adjustable weights. But when you use a health club or a gym,the free weights might be better.

Making the top ten food that will make you lose weight part of your daily meals will help you to lose weight and you will be feeling and looking much lighter. Stock up on those foods and try to limit the times that you eat the other non-diet friendly foods. And when you want to increase your weight loss tempo, just include some exercise.