These days, it seems everyone is having money issues.  If you’re in a relationship and you simply cannot afford dinner and a movie, you still have plenty of options to keep in mind as you try to find something special to do with that special someone.  A tight budget doesn’t have to get in the way of some good fun with someone you care about.  While I will admit, most of these dates are going to be best served for people already in a relationship together and not for a first date, there are certainly some which will work out well at any point in the relationship or marriage. Take a look and see which ones work for you.  Some of them can be very romantic, while others will make for a very fun date, where you can share a laugh and let loose.

Water Fight!

Your inner child is calling your name.  He wants to have a good old water fight. You can use water balloons or squirt guns for the water fight and you’re both sure to have a good laugh. Just be a good sport about it and it should actually be quite fun for both of you on a hot summer day.  As a word of warning, realize that water balloons take a long time to fill and they get used up quickly.  Be sure to have many of them ready to go prior to the arrival of the person you’re dating.

Local Shows or Events

Many cities have special events and festivals, many of which are free to enter and participate.  Local and live bands, art shows, and other events are probably available in your area, especially during the summer months.  The only way it will cost money is if you purchase refreshments or buy items from the vendors while you attend.  If you just don’t have the money, be sure to tell your date.  If they are understanding and don’t ask for things, you probably have a keeper on your hands.

Game Night

Do you have any old board games lying around, collecting dust?  If so, why not pull them out and use them. They can actually be quite fun and they are a good way to do something out of the ordinary with your date.  Just make sure you don’t get too competitive about it or it could be a real turnoff for the man or woman you are trying to impress.

Tent Camping

You will find all kinds of primitive campgrounds out there that don’t charge a fee for use.  Some state parks will fall into this category and you’ll be surprised at how much they have to offer.  If this simply isn’t an option for you, why not camp out on a relatives plot of land, or even in your own backyard?  You can have a bonfire, cookout, and still enjoy yourself and feel like you got away for a period of time.

Home Cooked Meal by Candlelight

You can cook the meal together, or you can get it ready and cook it for your date.  If you are not a good cook, chances are you can find some very easy to follow recipes online.  The main thing you will want to do, at least in most situations, is set the mood and light the candles.  This can be more impressive to your date because it will be obvious you put some effort into it.

Go to the Beach

Okay, you have to be comfortable with your body for this one to work, but if you are, and you feel your date is as well, it’s one of the very best options you’re going to find.  You can swim together, splash each other, and even have a sand castle building contest, if you want.  Few things are as refreshing on a hot summer day as a dip into the water at a nice beach.

Go Sledding

This one will only work in areas where it snows, but if you are in one of those areas, it’s a really good option to consider, even for a first date.  You can have fun and get in touch with your inner child while you coast down the hills on a piece of plastic.  Just use caution so nobody gets hurt and you should be just fine with this one.  It’s a really good way to share a laugh or two with someone special.  Dress appropriately for this one because nobody wants to be freezing cold.

Nature Walks

This can be a fairly romantic date idea, given the right circumstances.  Many areas, especially rural areas, have nice, groomed trails which are free to use for the public.  You can see nature at its finest as you walk through the woods and by rivers and ponds.  You’ll want to bring bug spray or else the date might turn into a disaster.  Be sure the weather is going to cooperate as well, so your plans aren’t ruined and have a backup plan in case of bad weather.

Have a Picnic

I know everyone was fully expecting to see this one and it’s quite common on everyone’s list of free date ideas.  There is a reason for that. It’s because it’s a very easy way to be with each other, lie down on a blanket together and cuddle up and feel relaxed with each other.  It can be a very good way to enjoy an afternoon together.  It’s a great option you might want to consider and a good way to get rid of the leftovers in the fridge.

Play an “Adult” Board Game

Even if you don’t have one, you can find the rules for them online and many are available to be downloaded and printed off.  It’s a really good way to ensure there’s some level of intimacy on your date.  This one might not be a wise choice for a first date, however, so use caution and common sense.  You don’t want to offend your date or you are not very likely to have a second date.