The 10 Free Things to do in Phoenix Arizona When You are Bored

Finding something to do in any are can be a little daunting, especially if you are new to the area. Below is a short guide for 10 free things to do in Phoenix Arizona. It will give you some basic ideas that you can then build off of to create more fun and interesting things to do.

Free Things to do in Phoenix Arizona: Climb Camelback MountainCamelback Mountain HikingCredit: Wikipedia

Camelback Mountain is a great experience to have under your belt. This challenging mountain will test your physical strength with a rewarding view when you make it to the top.  The climb is more of a hike, until you make it closer to Camelback Mountain’s summit. Then you must do a little maneuvering up the rocks. When you do make it to the top of Camelback Mountain you are able to see the entire Valley of the Sun from downtown Phoenix all the way past the ASU campus in Tempe to Mesa.

Free Things to do in Phoenix Arizona: Camp at Fossil Creek

This is a little north of Phoenix by about 2 hours, but well worth the drive. This campground has some of the best looking natural water around giving off a greenish blue tint from the sulfur in the rocks that push the water out of the natural springs. The campgrounds are free of charge, but get there early as they can fill up fast for the weekend. Additionally if you do a little exploring, you will come across a 20-foot high waterfall with a deep enough area for a swimming hole as well. The cliff next to the waterfall is about 30 feet high and will have people regularly cliff diving off of them. 

Free Things to do in Phoenix Arizona: First FridayENjoy First Friday in Downtown Phoenix

Phoenix has been developing their culture for the past few years by using First Friday. This is exclusive to downtown Phoenix, in that there is an art walk for everyone to enjoy. Along the art walk people are encouraged to display their artwork and some can be purchased. First Friday art walk is open to all ages and is sure to impress you with the talent that Phoenix will be showcasing.

Free Things to do in Phoenix Arizona: Frolfing

Also known as Frisbee Golf is a hugely popular activity for people to get out of the house and enjoy the Phoenix park systems. Frolf can be found all over the valley and is doesn’t have a charge to use the courses. Each course is set up with a number of holes that you use a special frolfing Frisbee on. These “frolf” Frisbees do cost a few dollars, but you can always use a regular Frisbee if you are just out to have some fun. The courses are located everywhere, but be sure to check out their difficulty level first. The last thing you want to do is try and play one that the pro frolfers use, as they can be extremely difficult.

Free Things to do in Phoenix Arizona: Yard/Estate Sales

One mans junk is another mans treasure and that is true when it comes to garage sales and estate sales. You don’t have to be buying to go enjoy a large yard sale. Rummage around through what someone else has decided to get rid of. These are also great places to people watch as well. You can see who is trying to negotiate a better price on specific products. It can be quite time consuming, free and fun. What more could you ask for when?

Free Things to do in Phoenix Arizona: Downtown Scottsdale

Walk around downtown Scottsdale for some fun worth your family or friends. Downtown Scottsdale is also a great place to take out of town visitors. Enjoy many little intricate shops that really bring out the culture of the Southwest. You can find almost anything your heart desires. They have shops that focus on Mexican imports to Native American jewelry. They even have their own art walk that you can follow on the sidewalk. This will showcase some of the featured shops in downtown Scottsdale.

Free Things to do in Phoenix Arizona: ASU Football TailgatesASU Football Tailgating

When ASU football comes to town you will know it. If you are looking for something free to do, just head down to Tempe Arizona around Mill Ave. You will get lost in the sea of god and maroon shirts. A lot of free entertainment will be set up for all of the fans tailgating before the games. On top of free entertainment, you will also get a lot of excitement from the crowd as everyone is rowdy and waiting for the game to start so that they can cheer their Sun Devils to a victory.

Free Things to do in Phoenix Arizona: Festivals and Street Fairs

This come out on a regular basis as a free thing to do in Phoenix Arizona. You will have to stay up to date on these fairs through the New Times, the internet or word of mouth. These festivals and street fairs can feature parades, classic car shows, games and many more entertaining things for free. Some special events around certain holidays will feature bands all day long at no charge for you and your family to enjoy.

Free Things to do in Phoenix Arizona: Holiday Decorations

When holidays come up people will be putting up decorations for their homes around town. This is a great time to get everyone together and just walk around looking at the various decorations and lights. It really puts you in the spirit of whatever holiday you are walking around looking at.

Free Things to do in Phoenix Arizona: Donate Your Time

Helping people in need is a great feeling and you can do just that for free by finding a place that needs additional volunteers. This can be anywhere form soup kitchens to helping after school programs at the state parks. Look around your community to see who is in need of some help and just go for it.

These 10 free things to do in Phoenix Arizona should get you started in the right direction of going out and experiencing new things that don’t cost any money and can be extremely fun or fulfilling. Well have fun with these free things to do in Phoenix Arizona.