1. Do not blame yourself

This is the simplest, cheapest and the most important way you can win a depression. Shame, guilt and sense of inadequacy prevent you from recovering. Working with symptoms of depression requires patience as well as practical and preventive approach.

The most important thing is to understand that depression is an illness, rather than get over it and adapt to the situation or trying harder. Depression requires treatment, and there is no sense to blame the depression itself.

2. Talk to depressed

All do not necessarily understand the depression, and therefore do not know how to be supportive. People is much easier to identify with, for example fracture in your hand, a sore back or a headache .

Even if people do not understand what you're going through, depression, discuss with friends and family provide emotional support to help you find a way to care for depression. Not as social as your situation allows it. Solitude is not worth it.

3. Exercise regularly

Sports to be the last thing we want to engage depressed, but the run or the gym, running, however, can improve how you feel.

Half-hour regular and vigorous physical activity proven to alleviate symptoms of depression. In one study, it was noticed that on a regular basis for 12 weeks on a treadmill or exercise bike been training patients with depressive symptoms decreased by almost half.

4. Defer major decisions

Depression affects perception and the ability to review, so it makes sense to postpone such as relationships or careers in the major decisions until you are feeling better again. One of the symptoms of depression is to see all of life's events in a negative light.

If you are forced to make a decision, however, do not act impulsively. Talk to loved ones or with the therapist prior to the decision-making.

5. Take care of your health

Depressed is easy to ignore their own health. Comprehensive health failure, however, will only aggravate the symptoms of depression.

Depression, and diseases such as diabetes or heart disease, is a question of the relationship between the chicken and egg phenomenon. According to researchers, depression may complicate these diseases, but diseases can also cause depression. For example, diabetes-related symptoms are more likely to suffer from depressed people, and there is also evidence that depression causes heart disease, particularly heart attack after.

6. Maintain your daily routine

Compliance with the regular routine is important in life to suffer from depression. For example, jogging, shopping or washing up should be done every day at the same time. This prevents the desire to stay within four walls and lay down.

7. Eat a healthy diet

It is what you eat affects your body but also your brain. Depressed it is important to follow a healthy, balanced diet that includes grains, vegetables and protein.

None of the food does not destroy completely depressed, but some foods affect mood more than others. For example, carbohydrates, and vitamin D containing foods raise serotonin, which improves your mood.

Some studies suggest that the omega-3 fatty acids help combat depression.

8. Avoid drugs and alcohol

Depressed in the alcohol and drug use can be tempting. Do not, however, indulge ourselves in them.

Alcohol and drug use (and abuse) causes chaos in depressed human mind. Depressed people often try to relieve the symptoms of depression with alcohol and drugs, but in the long run, it is very harmful.

Alcohol and drug use affect the brain's chemical balance, which affects relationships, work and other aspects of life. In addition, the combined use of antidepressant drugs, can be dangerous.

9. Try to sleep well

Depression and sleep deprivation often go hand in hand. Sleeping problems, such as insomnia, are common, demoralized, and they are exacerbated by depression.

This is not true, however, all of them. Lack of sleep may in some depressed people even lift your mood, but only for a short time. Lack of sleep can trigger mania in those suffering from bipolar disorder.

Sleep, and the link between depression is not known yet everything, and everyone has a different need for sleep. However, experts recommend that depressed people are sleeping enough, and would maintain their regular sleep patterns.

10. Do not demand too much from yourself

Stress and the feeling of discouragement known to cause depression. If you have a difficult task at home or at work, share them easily manageable parts.

Remember that it is okay to slow down the range. You may not be able to work at full power, but even doing some work at first is an achievement. You must be gentle with yourself, even if you would be able to work at all. You deserve a break, even take your sick leave or whatever you need to survive.

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