10 Fun Chair and Bench Designs

10 Fun Chair and Bench Designs

Whether you are starved for space or you simply want a piece of furniture that will puzzle your guests, the following should be your top home design purchases. These are real conversation starters. In fact, some of you may consider these pieces works of art and not let your guests sit on them. Well, it’s your house so it’s your call. Let’s take a look at these fun chair and bench designs and see which sit well with you. Pun intended.

1. Log Bench

This is not your typical log bench. This is not a bench with a log that has been processed and flattened to accommodate your behind and back. This log bench has an actual log. The best part about this piece of garden furniture is that it is easy to DIY. What you need are discarded chair back supports, a log from the woods behind your house, and you’re good to go! Make sure that you warn your be-stockinged guests to avoid this when they visit, of course.

2. New Stool
Priced at $2000, this is a stool made of electronic waste. If you feel like adding eco-friendly elements to your home, this N+ew Stool is a great choice. The electronic waste is melded together using resin, making each piece unique. It is not the most attractive piece of furniture but with this in your home, you’ll sleep better at night knowing you are being kind to Mother Earth.

3. Rolling Bench
Invented by ingenious Sungwoo Park. This is the perfect park bench. How many times have you taken a walk in a park after a rainy day, wanting to drown in the beauty of nature? You want some time to feel the cold against your cheeks or gaze at the dewy grass. Of course, you want to do this sitting down. Unfortunately, the park benches are wet. In comes The Rolling Bench to save the day. You rotate the seat using the winding handle and you get yourself a dry bench for enjoying the park. Genius!

4. Teddy Bear Chair
The perfect addition to a kid’s room! This probably reminds you of a certain Lady Gaga costume but this piece of furniture does not have that creepy factor. For those who love snuggling with stuffed animals, this chair will save you from the hassles of retrieving some from the floor when you lie down. All you need is a good book and a rainy day and you’re all set.

5. Cube 6
This is a nifty design by Naho Matsumo. From a nondescript cube to four sleek stools, this design will make a Transformer nervous. Space is a commodity these days and if you happen to live in a cramped studio, Cube 6 will be your favorite piece of furniture. Aside from the fact that it is quite nifty, the natural wood finish is also beautiful. Green, space-saving, and cool: what more could you ask for?

6. Spaghetti Bench
Designed by artist and designer Pablo Reinoso, this bench looks a lot like it’s about to engulfed you. But you will be engulfed with pasta, so that’s okay. Beautifully-designed and amazingly-executed, these spaghetti benches would be the perfect addition to your home or garden. You might want to have one made that will fit the contours of your living space. It might just be the last piece you need to make your home magical.

7. Octopus Chair

Creepy? Artistic? Or downright awesome? This is part of a series of animal chairs designed by artist Maximo Riera. Over 30 professionals helped in creating this chair and the result, as you can see, is simply stunning. From the sleek black finish to the shape of the frontal legs, this chair is, without a doubt, impressive. This takes up a lot of space but we’re sure that it’s extremely comfortable. Davy Jones would approve.

8. Octopus Beanbag
This one is less majestic than the previous octopus chair but it does fill an emotional need. The need to snuggle, that is. There are times when a simple hug can make all the difference in the world. If you have no one to hug you, this Octopus Beanbad will save the day. This is made of recycled pair of jeans and polystyrene balls. So basically, you will earn a reliable “friend” and be eco-friendly when you get one of these.

9. Wave Chaise
The chaise that has everything. The chaise where many will willingly die in. This is ergonomically-designed and incorporates modern technology in a seamless way. This chair will make watching movies, listening to music, reading, chatting on the phone, and browsing the world wide web much easier than they already are. This chair will certainly breed a new generation of couch potatoes but we’re not complaining. If someone adds a washroom to this design, it will be a certified hit.

10. Achille and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni Allunaggio Stool
Futuristic spider or alien probe? Paranoid thoughts aside, one can’t help but wonder whether this stool is comfortable. Or if it can carry you without folding in the middle. If your house has that sterile feel, this stool will be a great addition. It is made of steel and aluminum alloy. This comes in grass green or aluminum. Get the aluminum variety for an even more believable alien scenario.