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Games People Play

A surefire way to liven up a dull party is by playing a game. Bringing people together through competition and a common goal is a recipe for fun! Playing games makes everyone comfortable and helps people get acquainted with each other. Laughter often takes over the party guests while playing party games and people often remember the fun they had playing party games.

10 Fun and Easy Party Games

Ring Toss Game

Inflatable Birthday Cake Ring Toss Game
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A friendly game of ring toss is always a winner at a party. You can play the game with teams or singles and the game can be played inside and out. The game is played by tossing rings onto a peg or other item, some people use bottles. An excellent ring toss game for a birthday party would be the "Inflatable Birthday Cake Ring Toss Game." It's perfect for children and adults and you can play it indoors and out.


Charades is a wonderful way to break the ice and get people interacting with one another.  The game is usually played in teams and individuals take turns acting out a phrase or a word while the teams attempt to guess what the word or phrase is. The person acting out the secret phrase or word cannot say anything but must act everything out.


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Twister is the classic game from the 1960s and it literally brings people together. Players begin the game by spinning a dial on a board divided into four sections. Each section has four colored dots (red, green, yellow, and blue) that the dial can land on and each section is divided by four body parts (right hand, left hand, right foot, and left foot). Players must touch or step-on the part of a multicolored mat to match the section the spinner landed on. Players continue until they can no longer touch or step-on the mat to match the spinner or they fall down. The game continues until one person left on the mat.

Three Favorite Movies

This game gets people talking and it helps the group get to know one another.  Start the game by asking each party guest to write their top three favorite movies on a 3x5 card (and don't show the card to anyone). Have everyone put their card in a jar and give each person a piece of paper and a pencil. Next, have someone pick one card from the jar and read the names of the three movies, each person in the group then writes the name of the person they think the card belongs to. Continue pulling cards and writing down names until all the cards have been read. Then go back to each card and ask who wrote each. The person who has matched the most people to their cards wins. Another great aspect to this game is finding out why people like the movies they do.

Trivial Pursuit

Trivial Pursuit: Master Game - Genus Edition
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Trivial Pursuit was created in 1979 and reached the pinnacle of popularity in 1984. The object of the game is to correctly answer trivia questions in an attempt to move playing pieces around a game board. The Master Game edition includes 6,000 questions in the categories of art, entertainment, geography, literature, nature, sports, science, and more.

Who Am I?

Prior to the party, write the names of famous people on 3x5 cards, one name per card. Then as guests arrive, tape or pin the card to each guest’s back on their clothing. Throughout the evening party guests can give each other clues as to who they are but they should try to be a vague as possible and not make it too easy for the person to guess who they are. Sometime during the evening, each person will tell the group who they believe they are.


Milton Bradley Pictionary Game
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This game is played in teams. One person gets in front of a group and draws a picture representing a word or phrase and each team takes turns guessing what the word or phrase is. The Milton Bradley Pictionary Game includes over 300 cards with over 2,800 words for hours of fun.

Scavenger Hunt

A scavenger hunt is a great way for party guests to interact with one another and get to know each other. Guests are separated into teams and each team is given identical lists of specific items or places that teams must take photos of and visit. Most people have cameras in their phones nowadays which make it easier to take the photos. The team that completes their list first wins the game.

Pin The Eye Patch on the Pirate

Almost everyone has played pin the tail of the donkey and this Pin the Eye Patch on the Pirate Game is the same game with different items. This game includes a 7 x 7 inch paper game sheet, 12 paper patches, and one cardboard blindfold with an elastic strap. This is a great take on a classic game.

Party Games

Playing party games is an easy way to get guests to mingle and to have fun with each other. As long as you keep games simple and not political, people will enjoy playing these games. All of these party games are entertaining, lively, and fun. The next time you have a party, play one of these games and watch your guests have a roaring good time!

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