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How do you lose weight? Everyone knows the answer to that question is you must burn more calories than you consume. But that's the easy question, the difficult question is, which weight loss method works best? For that question you will get a number of answers. Some people will tell you to stick to a diet high in fruits, vegetables and lean meats, while others prefer the latest fad diets. Whatever weight loss method you use, the following gadgets may just help you reach your goal.

10 Gadgets to Help you Lose Weight

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Meal Measure - Manage Your Weight, One Portion At a Time

Meal Measure 1 Portion Control Tool
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An important element to any diet is portion control. People eat too much food without realizing it because their portions are just too large. This "Meal Measure" gadget will help you consume the correct amount of food to lose weight. This food measuring tool fits most dinner plates and you measure food on your plate. Each portion slot is labeled for vegetables or fruit, and starch and protein. In addition, each food measuring cavity is one cup at the top with a one-half cup line inside. In addition, the protein portion is equal to the recommended size of a deck of cards. Use the Meal Measure tool to consume proper food portions and to visually teach yourself and your family correct portion sizes.

BOSU Balance Trainer/ BOSU Ball

The BOSU Ball is commonly known as the "blue half-ball" because one side is half of an inflated blue ball and the other side is a flat platform. The name BOSU means "BOth Sides Up" because you use both sides of the training aid to balance and work-out your cord muscles. This exercise/weight loss gadget was invented in 1999 and can now be found in most gyms and several households.

Garmin Forerunner 910XT GPS-Enabled Sport Watch with Heart Rate Monitor

Garmin Forerunner 910XT GPS-Enabled Sport Watch with Heart Rate Monitor
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(price as of Aug 8, 2013)
Use this GPS enabled training device to help you train for multiple sports. It tracks time, distance, pace (or speed), elevation (via barometric altimeter) and heart rate. It is versatile and can be used for swimming, running, and cycling. It is water resistant and the battery life can last up to 20 hours.

Digital Kitchen Scale

A digital kitchen scale is a great gadget to help you lose weight. You use it to weigh all your food items in order to consume the correct amounts. Certain diets require people weigh and measure their food and thus a kitchen scale is necessary to follow those diets. Kitchen scales are also great when following certain types of recipes.

Kathy Smith's Kettlebell Solution

Kathy Smith's Kettlebell Solution
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(price as of Aug 8, 2013)
A Kettlebell works similar to a dumbbell but it is made-up of two parts of unequal weight. A lightweight handle is attached to a heavier ball. The Kettlebell exercise combines cardiovascular activity with strength training, plus you can swing the kettlebell like a pendulum. Kettlebell training has been tested and shown to be more effective than traditional training.

The Kathy Smith's Kettlebell Solution comes with a five and three-pound Soft Kettlebell, workout DVD, Kathy's Nutrition Solution Guide, and an instructional wall chart. The workout DVD is broken into four 15-minute sessions covering the upper body, core, buns and thighs, and fat burning exercises. In addition the DVD contains instructional information for stretching, strengthening, weight loss, and includes a wellness system designed for all fitness levels. Each workout takes 20 minutes, including a five-minute warm-up session and the kit includes a Nutrition Solution Guide.

Exercise Ball

Unlike the BOSU Ball, the exercise ball is a full ball. The body responds to the instability of an exercise ball to remain balanced and engages more muscles during the workout.  Exercise balls are used in exercise, physical therapy, athletic training, and weight training. Muscles become stronger over time as a result of keeping balance. The ball works the core, abdominal, and back muscles.

Oscillating Massage Slimming Belt

Oscillating Massage Slimming Belt (Green)
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Treat yourself to a massage using this "slimming" belt. The sports massage gives you a toning treatment to the major muscle groups to prevent injury and prolong sports life. The belt provides heat to the area of body it comes in contact with and the heat may help blood circulation.

Shaker Bottles

A shaker bottle is a cup with a device such as a ball or something else inside the cup to mix items. A person pours liquid and a diet shake mix or other ingredients in the shaker cup then places the mixing ball and the lid and shakes the bottle. Shaker bottles whip the mix into a smooth milkshake consistency.

CalorieSmart - Handheld Calorie Counter

CalorieSmart - Handheld Calorie Counter
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(price as of Aug 8, 2013)
This convenient handheld gadget contains calorie information for 50,000 food items, 250 restaurants and 500 brands. Track your calories, carbohydrates, fat, fiber, sodium and protein, and use the one key access function to see a day's running totals. The "CalorieSmart Handheld Calorie Counter" provides nutrient information for the exact serving size that you eat. A lighted display screen offers clear viewing and the back light can be turned on and off with the F3 key. The unit can be set to display metric units for UK and Canada based customers. The calorie counter uses 2 triple A (AAA) batteries that are included with the unit and it includes a 1 Year Warranty.

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