10 gallon plastic drums are versatile and highly durable storage containers that have a myriad of uses ranging from dry storage, liquid storage, and food storage. Some crafty brewers and culinary professionals even use their 10 gallon plastic drums for fermenting various products to make beer, wine or special drinks and bread. These hardy containers are strong - you can get a lot of use out of them once you purchase them assuming you show them proper care over the years. Additionally, it's possible to buy a special 10 gallon plastic drum that has been approved for usage with food. These are called "food grade" plastic drums, and they're ideal for large restaurants or industrial kitchens that need to store a massive amount of fresh ingredients or mixtures which they will need easy access to throughout the course of work. 

Buying a 10 Gallon Plastic Drum for Food

If you are looking to buy 10 gallon plastic drums for use in the kitchen, you need to ensure you select one that is specifically designed to come into contact with food. 

10 Gallon Plastic Drum for Food

When you select your 10 gallon plastic drum for purchase, you will be able to see if it is indeed rated for contact with food and ingredients or if it has a different purpose. Make sure you only buy your 10 gallon plastic drum if it explicitly says it is approved for usage with food. Many other types of 10 gallon plastic drums are only intended for contact with chemicals or hazardous material storage. You want to make sure you're buying the right type. 

People that work in the food industry often use 10 gallon plastic drums for storing important ingredients, be they dry or liquid, so they can be reached during work. Whether it's flour, sugar or some other mixture, you will notice that a sturdy set of 10 gallon drums are a fixture in many professional and industrial kitchens and bakeries. They make it easy to store, secure and reach large quantities of important ingredients that will be used again and again in the course of cooking. 

Using Your 10 Gallon Plastic Drum to Store Chemicals

10 gallon plastic drums are also commonly used to store hazardous chemicals. Rather than fuss with inferior storage solutions, and risk chemical burns or loss of expensive compounds when the container fails or is knocked over, many lawn care, medical, and cleaning professionals rely on a chemical reisstant 10 gallon plastic drum to keep their working environment safe. A good 10 gallon plastic drum is made of high density polyethylene and can store liquid or dry chemicals that are harmful to people and animals if contacted directly. Whether you're storing fertilizer, cleaning agents, or powerful chemicals of a different nature, you can benefit from using these special storage containers to secure your materials out of harm's way. 

10 Gallon Plastic Drum for Hazardous Chemical Storage

Who Else Can Use Plastic Storage Drums?

You don't have to be a professional baker or a lawncare specialist in order to benefit from these special storage containers. Plenty of folks use plastic drums to storage regular dry goods and liquids that they use regularly. For example, if you have a workshop in your garage, you could store a large number of identical nails in your plastic storage drum to keep them from rusting or being left out where they could be found by children. 

If you have a large number of toys you are looking to organize, you can make clean-up simple and fun by allowing your kids to throw everything into their one big plastic drum. This works best for toys that are all the same size, or for a large number of stuffed animals. It will also prevent them from being attacked by pests if they need to be stored for a long period of time. 

Plastic storage drums are great for just that - drumming! If you need an impromptu percussion instrument you can simply flip your drum upside down and start laying down rhythms. Children especially find this amusing. If you have several different sizes of drums you can cut some at different heights to form drums with varying depths of sound to assemble your own junk yard drum set. 

Blue 10 Gallon Plastic Drums for Everyday Use