The L Shape

As children we are taught rules, whether it be our parents personal rules or standard general ones. It is some of these rules that make us who we are as adults. Whether we realise it or not, we often use these use every day without even noticing.

The simple things that we learnt basically from birth have been drummed into us to ensure we learnt and practised them in our everyday upbringing. I personally never thought about it much until recently when writing another article and was writing the word 'receive'.

I before E except after C

This simple rule I learnt in grade 1, and still to this day say it in my head when writing everyday words. The perfect example is receive, even as I have just type it now I have said in my head “I before E except after C”. It was this word that sparked me to remember the golden rules I was taught as a child.

Left and Right

Many children get confused with their left and rights and the simplest way to teach them is with their hands. Your left hand forms the shape of an L with your index finger and your thumb. The right hand does the same but is opposite, therefore is wrong. What a perfect way for children to remember their lefts and rights by using their hands. This seems like such a simple thing, but you would be surprised at the amount of people who learnt it as a child and continue to use it as an adult. I was recently at the Australian Zoo and the ticket lady was giving us directions to the Animal Hospital, I couldn’t help by giggle to myself when she lifted up her hands and did the L shapes to show us the right way.

Thirty Days has September

“Thirty Days has September,

April, June and November,

All the rest have thirty-one

Except February which has 28 each year,

Or 29 each leap year”.

Even to this day, being an Adult and mother of 3, I still know and use this poem. How many times do you remember saying this poem to try and work out how many days a certain month has?  There are many different versions taught throughout the world but all are very similar. I personally wouldn’t be able to state how many days some of the months have without reciting it.

Never Eat Soggy Weetbix

Not everyone has heard of this version, but it is one of many ways to learn the orders of North, East, South and West. This is a cute little four word sentence that I and many others have been taught as children to start off with the basics in directions. However it does not show you which way is north, you will still need to figure that out, but it does teach children to write them in order.

Honesty is the Best Policy

Children can sometimes have the tendency to tell fibs, I remember telling a few myself, so it’s important to be taught that honesty is the best policy sooner than later in life. This is not just something children need to learn, but some adults as well.

I remember a couple of times as a child I didn’t want to tell the truth but I knew that telling a lie would get me into more trouble, so I owned up.

 “Yes it was me that didn’t eat my crusts”, or “Yes it was me who broke your favourite vase”. No one is perfect, and we all have moments where a lie may seem easier but sometimes we choose to learn things the hard way. Now as an adult I know how important honesty is, we all know the story “The Boy who cried Wolf”, and I have in turn taught this to my own children.Swimming(97901)

Wait an Hour after Eating To Swim 

As a child this used to drive me crazy! Your parents would make you eat lunch you didn’t particularly want and then not let you swim for an hour. As a mother I now to have taken up the “Wait an hour before you go swimming” rule, not to be nasty but more safe than sorry. Although this is said to be an old wives tale, there are chances due to digestion that you could get discomfort, and it’s best not to be swimming in that case. As a child, I just thought that maybe our parents thought we might sink.

Treat Others As You Would Like To Be Treated

This is a simple yet important rule that I remember hearing lots at school. I think a lot of people forget this rule and with so many bullies in this world and not only the physical type, I think this is something that some people need to sit back and remember.

I think this rule boils down to respect, not only of others but yourself as well. A lot of children, including my own at a very young age didn’t understand what this meant, but over time and examples they have learnt what it means.

Respect Your Elders

This particular rule didn’t have as much value to me until I became an adult. Although I was taught to respect my elders as a child, I didn’t really understand why. I like to think of this as an ageing rule, you learn it as a child, but it gets better and more understood as you age.

Now as an adult when I see the older generation, I see many different things. I see life, experience, love, heartache, distance and so much more. I see someone who has taken life with two hands and I respect that. This is one of the golden rules I have now passed onto my own children and hope they to understand and respect their elders.

9 Times Tables using Your Fingers

In primary school we are all taught our times tables, some easier to learn than others. For me personally I liked the 6 times and found them very easy to learn. One of the best things when learning the times tables is some have cheats or aids so to speak to help you along the way, such as the 9 times tables, which no doubt most people learnt and a lot still use as adults.

For example 9 x 6 = 54 but to work it out on your fingers you just stick down your sixth finger or thumb in this case and you have the answer, 54. Easy to use, and easy to remember.

Please and Thank-You Cost You Nothing

I think this is one of the most commonly known rules taught to most children, even from the earliest stages where they are taught to say “Ta” because they can’t say Thank-you yet. Please and Thank-You are the simplest yet most common manners used in both Adults and Children. We often use them without even realising, yet they truly do make a difference not only whilst speaking but also writing. I personally even felt a difference when looking at the “No Junk Mail” letter boxes that used please in their sign. Just seemed more polite.


Have you noticed until now how many of these Golden Rules you use every day without even realising?