Kindle DXElectronic book readers are very much the hot "must have" gadget right now. Although e-book readers have been around for a decade now, they seem to have burst into the mainstream consciousness in the first half of 2009. The current champion is, without a doubt, the Amazon Kindle. It's the ideal product for Amazon - no wonder they released not one but two new readers in the first 6 months of the year.
They have the 6" display Kindle 2, released in February and the large screen Kindle DX released in June. Here are ten good reasons why you should think about treating yourself to a Kindle today:
  1. Never be without something to read. You can download a book in sixty seconds from the Amazon website.
  2. Download your books without the need for an internet connection or a PC using 3G "Whispernet" technology. There are no monthly connection fees either.
  3. Carry a library of books with you wherever you go. The Kindle 2 has storage capacity for more than 1500 books. The Kindle DX can hold 3,500 books in its memory. You'll never run out of reading material again.
  4. Be environmentally friendly. No paper, no ink, no fancy binding and no delivery means that your electronic book is kinder to the environment than its traditional hardback or paperback equivalent.
  5. Express your personality. You may not judge a book by its cover - but customised covers are just one of a wide range of Kindle accessories on offer. Choose from covers, lights, stands, carry bags - whatever you like basically.
  6. Choose from Amazon's huge online book selection. With over 300,000 titles - and these are being added to every day - there's bound to be something that you fancy.
  7. Save money. No printing or distribution costs mean that e-books are considerably cheaper than the printed version.
  8. Save even more money. You can actually download free Kindle books direct from the Amazon webstore. A lot of these are classics - Sherlock Holmes, 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea etc. - but there are often some new releases by authors who are being "showcased" by their publishers.
  9. Try before you buy. The first chapter of most Kindle books is available as free download. So you can see if you like a book before you buy it.
  10. Listen to music while you read. The Kindle has the capability to store and play mp3 music files if you want a little background music while you read.
So go ahead and treat yourself to an Amazon Kindle reader today. You deserve it.

Kindle Paperwhite

Read in any light conditions with the Kindle Paperwhite.