Loneliness, is it a problem for you? Have you ever felt lonely and said to yourself, "I'm lonely!" Are you battling loneliness? Would you like to know how to beat loneliness? Would you like to know how to overcome loneliness? Yes, then take courage, loneliness can be beaten!

What might cause loneliness or make one feel lonely?

It could be a chemical imbalance? It could be that you lost a friend or someone that you very close? It might just be a temporary feeling? Or it might be a problem where medical attention is needed? (Visit your health professional and have a check-up!)

With over seven billion people, one would wonder: How can anyone be lonely? Yet, many are! Single people are lonely. Married people are lonely. People can even be lonely in a crowd. It is obvious that friends or other people are not always the solution to loneliness. So what will help you beat or overcome loneliness?

Here are ten tips to help you beat or overcome loneliness!

Build a strong relationship with God! If God is near you then you are never alone. You always have someone to talk to. You have the best and closest and most powerful friend in the universe. Open your heart to Him and unburden yourself. Don't carry the burden by yourself.

Learn to control your thoughts! The main way to beat loneliness is from within yourself. You have the power within yourself. You have to strengthen your inner you. How does one do that? Build your self-worth by focusing on all that you do best, on your talents, on your assets. Look for them. They are there.

Learn the art of making friends! We have to learn how to attract friends. Don't be critical. Learn to appreciate other people by focusing on their strong and good points and not on their faults and weaknesses. Join different organizations that reflect your interests. So that you can meet people that have similar tastes and likes.

Keep busy! Develop many talents even if they are not that great, appreciate them and enjoy them. Don't try to be a perfectionist. Strive for perfection but be happy for whatever level you reach.

You are your own best friend! You don't always need anyone in particular for you to be happy, to have fun, to accomplish things. You can be happy alone and in a crowd because your happiness does not depend on anyone but yourself.

Don't live in the past! Life is constantly changing and we have to change with the new circumstances. No use wishing for the old days. They are gone. Make the best of the present.

Focus on others! If you focus on helping other people, soon you will forget your own problems. If you are building up others, then you will automatically improve the way you feel about your own situation. There is more happiness in giving than in receiving.

Keep in touch with fiends that move away! You have a telephone, e-mail and even old fashioned letter writing. Just because they have moved, it doesn't mean that the friendship is over. You can even visit each other from time to time.

Tell other people that you are lonely! Some may not be aware of your situation. If you make known your situation, some may make an effort to include you in some of their activities.

Don't limit friendship to only people of your own age group! Widen out. Friendship has no age distinction. You can enjoy and learn much from people that are younger or older than you.

You don't have to be lonely. There is something that you can do about your loneliness. Here are ten tips, now go and do something about it. Go and make a happy life for yourself!


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