Do you have boys and girls who are looking for great kids money making ideas during the summer months they are off? Do you need some ideas to help you start making some money, maybe not a lot of money, but a few extra well needed dollars. If you are, then take a look below at the ten suggestions we have for you to skim through and see if they suit your needs.

Babysitting - #1 Kids Money Maker

Start a small business for kids by opening up your own babysitting business inside of your home. Place flyers throughout the neighborhood offering your prices and services. Set decent hourly rates that people can afford, be specific on the times you can babysit, and try not to over extend yourself with too many children. Once you get to be known as an awesome babysitter, parents all around the neighborhood will be calling you up for your services. Babysitting is a great summer job for youth.

Photography- #2 Idea for Kids to Make Extra Cash

Taking pictures can make you some really good money during the summer months you are out of school. Young boys and girls can start a very profitable small business for kids and earn really good money with taking photographs for people and the events they have or things they own. Start out by taking pictures of specific items to make a portfolio so you can show potential clients just how good of work you can do for them. Photography can be one of the best fun ways for kids to make extra money.

Pet Care- #3 Summer Money Maker For Children

If your looking to start a small business for kids, how about opening up your own pet-sitting business. Yes, just like people, pets need to be watched to when their owners go out of town or unexpectedly get called into work. Start letting people around your neighborhood and surrounding areas know what kind of services and prices you offer by passing out flyers. Reasonable rates bring lots of customers, and lots of fun pet-sitting.

Dog Walking- #4 Kids Money Making Idea

Another excellent idea for a small business for kids is dog walking. Many animal owners love their animals, but hate the idea of having to take them out for a walk everyday. Well here is where you come in! Advertise around your neighborhood that you are offering dog walking services and start making money.

Internet Business- #5 Way for Children To Make Extra Money

Using the internet as your base for starting a small business for kids, start making t-shirts and selling them. There are many sites online that allow you to pick and choose t-shirts to make and sell with a percentage going to them for the materials. If you put your mind to it and make a large amount of different styles, you can start making money in no time.

Neighborhood Chores- #6 Kids Money Making Idea

Offer to do small things for people in the neighborhood to get your small business going and make some money. Take garbage cans up, bring the newspaper or trash cans up, rake leaves up, remove weeds from flower gardens, or even tree limbs that are on the grass. Once the word gets around that you want to make some money doing small, odd jobs, people around the neighborhood will be jumping to get your services.

Washing Cars- #7 Great Idea for Making Money For Kids

Washing cars is a great way for boys and girls to make some extra money when they have some free time on their hands. Either do it in your yard, or ask a local business if you can use a small space and pay them a percentage for using their water. Make a set price, not to high and not too low either. Check out the car-washes and see how much they charge, then charge a $1 or $2 under their price. Once word gets around, you will surely be busy washing cars and making money.

Window Washing- #8 Service Money Maker For Kids

Start a window washing service. This could be ideal for boys and girls who live in the city who have no idea where to start, and is finding it hard to find a job because of age restrictions. Since cleaning supplies are inexpensive and washing windows is not too hard if you know what you are doing, you can make a hefty amount of money in a short amount of time.

Jewelry Making- #9 Business Money Making Idea for Kids

Making and selling jewelry to either your friends or even family can be a very profitable idea for making money. You can buy jewelry supplies at basically any local retail store, and sell them for probably twice as much as you paid for the supplies. This is a great money making idea for girls and boys of all ages.

Baking Business- #10 Summer Money Maker for Kids

Do you like to bake cakes and cookies for your family? If you do, then you can utilize that talent and passion and make cakes and cookies for the people are your neighborhood. Set up a sweets stand outside of your home on the weekends and offer a wide variety of cakes and cookies for people around your neighborhood to purchase once a week. Your neighbors will love the fact that you are putting effort into starting your own small business, and they will love how it tastes too!

See how easy that was to go through ten great kids money making ideas. Now choose the one the you think is right for you or your kids and start earning some extra money.

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