Hanging Christmas Stockings

Trying to figure out the best stocking stuffers for kids or maybe you are just looking for a few ideas to get you started. Either way, here you will find 10 stocking stuffer ideas for the teenager in your life!

  1. Jewelry can be great and cheap stocking stuffers for kids. Hit your local boutique and pick up some cute costume jewelry such as a necklace, earrings, bracelets or even cute little mood or birthstone rings.

  1. IPOD or MP3 players fit neatly into a kids stocking! Music and videos keep kids happy and entertained - you know it - they know it, so tune into your kids this Christmas and give them what they want!

  1. iTunes or Other Music Download gift cards can be fairly cheap stocking stuffers for the kids. You can often choose the gift card amount therefore keeping it within your budget.

  1. Candy and other wrapped goodies can help inexpensively fill up those Christmas stockings this year.

  1. Dated Christmas Ornaments - these make wonderful stocking stuffers for kids. These dated Christmas ornaments can be collected year after year and before you know it you've created a visual memory of their Holiday's past that can later be passed on through the generations.

  1. Gift Cards to their favorite clothing or hobby stores are great stocking stuffers. Gift cards are a gift that gives then gives again. They allow you to give them a pleasing gift and then it lets them to pick out the items that they truly want and enjoy.

  1. Movie Tickets for them and a friend or family member is also an easy stocking stuffer gift that kids of all ages can enjoy! Now they are guaranteed to like the movie they get to watch because they get to choose it themselves!

  1. Headphones seem to never lose their use amongst kids. Whether for the computer, MP3 player, IPOD or walkman these are great stocking stuffers for kids.

  1. Cell phones can be wrapped or easily placed in that Christmas stocking hanging on the mantle. This day and age one can almost always find benefit to their kids having a cell phone making this one of the better stocking stuffer ideas!

  1. Keys to that shiny new or new to them car! What a surprise that would be to your responsible driving aged teenager! Christmas would be made before the wrapping paper ever had a chance to hit the floor!!

Picture Courtesy of: sxc.hu/bzalenski