The hot, sultry days of summer are perfect for romantic ventures out. Why settle for dinner and a movie inside when the weather's so beautiful outside? There are a lot of really fun, unique activities you can do in the summer that just aren't as practical in the winter. Whether this is a summer fling or someone you've been with for a long time, here are ten ideas that are perfect for a summer date.

1. Fireworks. During the summer there are often places or events besides the Fourth of July that will have weekly or even nightly fireworks displays if you know where to look. Try checking local fairgrounds or if there's any festivals going on. I'll refrain from making any jokes about sparks flying...

2. Zoo/Aquarium. When is the last time you went to the zoo? Or the aquarium? All zoos have outdoor exhibits and some aquariums will as well. A trip to the aquarium or zoo brings out more of a light-hearted, playful side to your date. Plus, there's always something to look at or comment on if you run out of things to talk about. This is also a sneaky way to see how to they act around little kids, as there's going to be plenty at both places.

3. Watch the sun rise/set. Pack a blanket, maybe something to drink/snack on, and go on a search to find a place to watch the sun rise or set. Maybe bring a small music player to set the mood. This is a romantic way to spend some alone time with your date and get to know them a little better. Just be sure and pack one blanket to sit on and an extra one to cuddle up with, because it can get a little chilly during those hours. Perfect excuse for cuddling...!

4. Rollerblading/biking. If you know your date likes the outdoors or is somewhat athletic, they probably do this in the summer time anyways. Maybe they'd like some company next time around?

5. Canoeing. If you happen to live by any lakes or rivers, why not take a day to go canoeing? There are many places that rent out canoes for the afternoons, and this is a great option because learning the basics of canoeing is a lot easier than sailing or kayaking. Canoes bring images of lazy days spent on the lake to mind. Remember to pack something to drink and sunscreen, or the most memorable thing about this date could turn out to be a horrible case of sunburn. (Trust me, I know from experience.)

6. Festival/live show. There are a lot of huge outdoor festivals and concerts in the summer. They are usually filled with people and is also great because like going to the zoo, there's always something to watch if you run out of things to talk about. It's a lot of fun to go on group dates to the larger shows.

7. Outdoor movie/concert. A lot of parks will host movies or concerts in the summer for free or almost free. These can be fun, casual ways to spend an afternoon or evening. They aren't as elaborate as a full on festival or large concert, but they are just as fun and more relaxed.

8. Go for a walk. You don't necessarily have to do something fancy on a date; sometimes something as simple as a walk is a pleasant way to spend the afternoon. There's always plenty of people about in the warmer weather, so it might be a nice idea to take a walk where there's good people watching. A walk in a large park or maybe on a pier of your town has one provides plenty of different people and things to see.

9. Have a cookout/bonfire. This is another activity that is a lot of fun in double or group dates. If someone has a fire pit in their back yard, it's a lot of fun to get a group together, maybe barbecue, and hang out under the stars.

10. Go for dinner/drinks outside. In warmer weather there are lots of restaurants, bars, and coffee houses that open tables outside. Some even have rooftop or balconies which they open especially for the warmer weather.