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Finding great, homemade Halloween costume ideas for girls can be tough! While store bough costumes might be the more popular choice these days, homemade costumes get a bigger reaction, they’re 100% original, and they’ll save you money! Try one of these cute and fun Halloween costume ideas for girls this year and your little one will be the best dressed kid on the block!

Gumball Machine

This might sound complex, but it’s actually one of the simplest Halloween costume ideas for girls to create! All you need is a clear garbage bag, some balloons, and a red pair of pants. Cut two leg holes at the bottom of the bag and once on your child, blow up balloons about half way (not too big) and tie. Fill the bag with the balloons and then tie the bag at the shoulders. Make arm holes once the bag is sealed around the shoulders and you’re ready to go! Red pants will complete the “gum ball machine” look and this homemade costume will have everybody smiling!

Groovy 70’s Girl

There are plenty of Halloween costume ideas for girls that involve a “blast from the past,” and a groovy 70’s girl is a great one! A tie dyed shirt (have fun making one at home!) paired with a pair of funky flared out jeans will make up the main portion of the outfit. A headband around the forehead, a pair of funky shades, and some peace sign necklaces will be the finishing touches that will bring the outfit to life!

Prom Queen

Every little girl dreams of being the prom queen, so why not use the next item on our Halloween costume ideas for girls list let that dream come to life? A prom queen is an easy outfit to put together and even if you don’t already have a dress, hitting up a second hand store can often provide a great, inexpensive option! Find the perfect dress, pair with a tiara and a homemade “prom queen” sash. Make sure to ensure that hair and makeup is perfectly done, too! No prom queen would go out of the house without looking absolutely perfect!

Hula Girl

If you’re looking for homemade Halloween costume ideas for girls that can turn into a project, a hula girl is a great idea! The green plastic bag that the paper comes in each week can be recycled to make a homemade grass skirt. Cut the bags into strips and tie them into a piece of elastic. Wear over top of a floral print bathing suit and add a few leis. This one will obviously work better for those who celebrate Halloween in a warmer climate, but if the party in indoors – it shouldn’t be a problem. A few plastic flowers in the hair will be the finishing touch!

Spa Chick

If you’re fed up with Halloween costume ideas for girls that don’t allow for the true “girlyness” to show – this one is the perfect answer to your problems! The spa chick is very easy to create. All you need is a long bathrobe, slippers, a face mask (preferably green) and a towel. Wrap the towel around hair to create that “just out of the shower” look and apply the face mask to your little diva’s face. The robe and the slippers make up the rest of the costume. What a way to trick-or-treat in total comfort!

Dead Prom Queen

If you’re looking for Halloween costume ideas for girls that involve something a little bit spooky, but still girly, this dead prom queen idea is fantastic. For this one, you’ll definitely want to pick up a dress from a second hand store inexpensively. Tear up the dress a little bit with some scissors and add a little dirt for that extra creepy effect. Some makeup to make eyes and cheeks look sunken in, along with a ripped up sash and broken tiara will tie everything together. Tease up hair and even add a little trickle of fake blood coming from the mouth. Very spooky and very original!

Mother Nature

This is one of the few Halloween costume ideas for girls that will almost guarantee nobody else shows up wearing the same thing! Start off with a brown or dark green dress. Pick up some fake leaves from any craft store and pin them to the dress (along the hem makes for a cute look). Make a crown out of the leaves by affixing them to a plastic tiara with hot glue. For fun, a plastic wand with leaves at the top makes a fun accessory to carry around. Get creative with this one. There are plenty of supplies at the craft store that will make great accessories for this one. Add some fake flowers, too!

Pebbles from the Flinstones

Halloween costume ideas for girls that involve bringing favorite cartoon characters to life can be a lot of fun and a big hit! Pebbles from the Flinstones, is very easy to create. Just buy a larger green shirt and a pair of cloth shorts in blue. With a fabric marker (or sharpie), draw black triangles all over both pieces and color them in. If your little girl doesn’t have red locks, some temporary hair color spray will achieve that look. Pull hair into a high pony tail on top of the head and pick up a bag of fake bones from a party supply or Halloween store to add to the pony tail.

Rubiks Cube

This is another fun and creative item on our Halloween costume ideas for girls list that will let you turn costume making into a project. Find a larger square box and cut holes for the head and arms. Be sure to measure so the costume isn’t uncomfortable when worn. Next, paint 9 colored squares on each side leaving a little space in between. One side should be red, one green, one yellow, and one blue (the bottom can stay open). You can paint the top of the box in the same pattern using orange. If you really want to be creative, make it an unsolved cube and mix up the colors on all sides! Wear with black pants and a long sleeved black shirt for trick-or-treating.


With social media becoming very popular amongst the younger crowd, the last suggestion on our Halloween costume ideas for girls list involves very little effort and will be sure to get a huge reaction. If you’re looking for something last minute, just write “BOOK” across her face and when people ask “what are you supposed to be?” she can respond with “Facebook!” Whether it’s a simple costume like this or something more elaborate like the gumball machine let these Halloween costume ideas for girls give you the inspiration to create something awesome for your little girl this year!