If you have twins, coming up with creative Halloween costume ideas for twins can be a challenge. While you don’t want to throw them in some generic costumes, store bought get-ups can be expensive! This list of ten Halloween costume ideas for twins will provide you with some unique and easy to make costumes that will have everyone commenting on just “how darn cute” they look! And if you’re older twins looking for ideas, these will also provide you with some fun ideas!

Thing One and Thing Two

The classic Dr. Seuss characters come to life on Halloween! Red leggings paired with a red sweatshirt make the jumpsuit easy to create. Pull up a picture of the classic pair to see just what their “thing 1” and “thing 2” circles look like and recreate them on paper. Affix them to the front and spray paint hair blue. You can really go crazy and tease hair to make it stand on end like the crazy hair-dos the cartoon characters sport. Cartoon-inspired Halloween costume ideas for twins are always a hit, and this is just one example of a set that is both easy to create and easy to recognize.

Batman and Robin

Halloween costume ideas for twins that involve famous duos are sure to be crowd pleasers as well, and who better to model your costume after than the infamous batman and robin? While these are easily bought at a store, you can create a similar look with leggings, briefs, and long sleeved shirts. Cutting logos out of felt and wearing some eye masks (you can pick these up inexpensively at any party supply or costume store) will complete the look. If you have a guy/girl duo – cat woman also makes a good compliment for batman.

Lady Liberty and Uncle Sam

There are plenty of Halloween costume ideas for twins that let girls be girls and boys be manly. The Lady Liberty and Uncle Sam pairing make for an adorable combination and they can be easy to put together, as well. For Uncle Sam, combine a star spangled top hat paired with a blue suit coat, red pants, and a white undershirt. White facial hair will also add to the final look! Lady Liberty can be created by picking up some teal fabric from any fabric store and creating a “toga”. Have fun making a torch and a crown (carrying around a book all night might get tiring), too! Remember – details are an important element to every costume!

A Present and a Christmas Tree

This next selection from our Halloween costume ideas for twins arsenal will be sure to let your creative juices flow while making it! For the tree, sew fake green pine garland to a dark green hoodie and sew some small, plastic ornaments to the front. At the top of the hood, attach a sewn and stuffed star for added effect! The present can be created two ways. One involves cutting leg holes in an oversized gift bag and using the handles as arm holes. The other includes using wrapping paper as clothing, but its best to wear something underneath, like a leotard, to prevent any mishaps from happening! Add a bow to the head and you’re ready to go!

Peanut Butter and Jelly

Sandwich board style Halloween costume ideas for twins can be a lot of fun to create. When representing recognizable items that everybody knows, the reactions can be just as fun to receive! Attaching two poster boards together with string and then draping over the shoulders, the costume is already put together. Now, just use a jar of peanut butter and a jar of jelly as your inspiration and draw the labels (as accurately as possible) on the poster boards.

Cop and Robber

This classic childhood game also makes for a great Halloween costume! Halloween costume ideas for twins that involve one good party and one bad party are always a cute idea. Accessories for a cop costume (think bade, hat, night stick, sun glasses, etc…) can be picked up inexpensively at any costume or party store. Pair them with a dark blue button down shirt and dress pants for a perfect cop outfit. And the robber-a striped sweater with an eye mask and skull cap make the costume a quick and easy throw-together. Plus, that pillow case of candy will look just like stolen loot while trick-or-treating!

Mario Brothers

If two boys are in the mix, Halloween costume ideas for twins might seem hard to come up with. However, Mario and Luigi make awesome options if you have two boys to dress. A pair of overalls paired with a red or green undershirt, respectively, might let you put this one together with things you already have in the house! A matching red or green hat with the signature L or M on it will tie everything together. And don’t forget the fake mustache!

Buzz Lightyear and the Alien

Whether it’s a boy and girl pairing or two boys, this next item from our collection of Halloween costume ideas for twins is sure to be a hit. With some fabric paint and some creativity, you can instantly transform a white sweat suit into a makeshift Buzz Lightyear costume. Use felt purchased at any craft store to easily sew into a helmet and you’re ready to go! The blue outfit of the alien can be made by pairing a blue sweatshirt and blue sweatpants. Draw on the “planet logo” with some fabric paint and make the green, three-eyed head out of some more felt. Felt is easy to sew and is available in just about every color!

Peter Pan and Tinkerbell

Another option if you have a boy and a girl is peter pan and Tinkerbelle. This sweet idea will have everyone saying “AWW!” Peter Pan can be put together with some green pants (tights if the boy is on the brave side) and a longer, green t-shirt. The Pan-style hat is typically available at any party or costume store for just a few bucks. For Tink, a light green dress (or skirt and shirt combo) paired with some delicate wings will pull together the outfit quite quickly. This just goes to show that even some of the cutest Halloween costume ideas for twins can be accomplished on a budget!

Something Simple

If you’re looking for something simple in terms of Halloween costume ideas for twins, go for something like cave men (or a cave man and a cave woman) or “tourists”, which can be accomplished with any combination (girl and boy, girl and girl, boy and boy). Tourists are a fun one! Wear tacky clothing (think Hawaiian shirts), fanny packs, and cameras around the necks! It’s sure to be a hit! So no matter which of these Halloween costume ideas for twins you decide to take advantage of, remember to be creative and stick to your budget! Homemade costumes tend to get a much better reaction, so ditch the costume store this year and save that extra cash!