Halloween Costume

When it comes to Halloween costume ideas for women, you have to keep in mind that nine times out of ten, the ideas that you might find will either cost a little bit more than you might have had in mind in the first place. There is nothing wrong with this, however. Since there are plenty other Halloween costume ideas for women that you can explore—and spend very little on. So, here you go!

1.      A Guy

To dress up like a guy for Halloween, all that you need is a little bit of makeup, a baseball cap, and an outfit. You can go a bit further with this Halloween costume idea, but you need to be mindful of what type of people you'll be around whilst in this costume. In general, this is one of those Halloween costume ideas for women that you'll need to plan out and have pictures ready for reference...but, it's super fun!

2.      Cat Woman

Of the many choices that you have as far as Halloween costume ideas for women, this is a popular one...but it doesn't always require a lot of money. Simply pick up a Danskin hoodie and a pair of solid, opaque black tights, preferably made out of cloth, and then make your own mask with whatever you have around the house (felt and duct tape are both viable materials for this project. Of course, keep breathing safety in mind as far as the duct tape is concerned.

3.      A Cereal Killer

This is a simple example of Halloween costume ideas for women....but it's a punny that almost everyone enjoys! Think up other clever Halloween costume ideas for women that are centered around the joke. Someone, if they knew how they were going to do it, could even dress up as a broken light bulb with a sign saying “Don't hit the lights!” or something similar. You have a wide variety of jokes that you can use to create your costumes!

4.      A House Wife

This is another one of those Halloween costume ideas for women that all you have to do is pull out what you have. Wear a bathrobe, cold cream or a facial mask (nothing that requires you to take it off within a certain amount of time because of its ingredients. For example, aspirin masks, mint masks, and other things like that which can irritate the skin shouldn't be used for this. ), slippers, hair rollers, and perhaps even a little stuffed animal cat if you can find it.

5.      Basket Case

This is one of the most simple Halloween costume ideas for women. All that you need to do is put a small basket on your head and hot glue a few other small baskets to a uniformly colored shirt. It doesn't take a long time and it's also fairly easy. Make sure that the shirt dries completely before you try to do anything with it. It's important that you make sure that it doesn't stick through as well—you can use little round circlets of paper to protect it.

6.      Grandma

This is one of those Halloween costume ideas for women that will require a wig, a pillow, glasses without frames, and a dress. Look at a picture of an older lady in order to get an idea of where you want to place what and then have fun as you go out! You also might want to powder your face for this or buy a mask, since older women generally don't have skin that's as hydrated and so it isn't normally as dewy or oily looking as younger people.

7.      Nerd

For this Halloween costume ideas for women, you'll just need regular old glasses,  no frames of course, along with suspenders and a white or other color collared shirt. You can even add a pocket protector if you think that would make any kind of difference—just do whatever it takes to make yourself look as nerdy as possible. That could include pigtails if you think it's a good idea! Just make sure that you're happy with the way that the costume looks!

8.      Drag

You can dress as a bioqueen as well if you like, for Halloween. However, this is one of those Halloween costume ideas for women that does take a tiny bit longer to arrange. You'll want to practice it before you finally put on your costume and check online for tips about dressing in drag. Pretty much, you're trying to look like a guy that's trying to look like a girl while you really are a girl. It's a fun way to mess with people's minds.

9.      Artist

For this Halloween costume ideas for women, you just need  a pair of overalls that are covered with paint, and a little paintbrush, paints....whatever an artist would have on him or her. It's quick, it's easy, and it's a fun thing to be for Halloween! Not to mention that if anyone falls asleep after overindulging, you can always paint on their face...although, remember that you have to pick a paint that is non-toxic, since, believe it or not, we do absorb certain substances through our skin, which could cause a problem.

10.  Be Yourself!

Instead of dressing up as an animal or anything mentioned in the above list, and using the rest of these great Halloween costume ideas for women....just be yourself instead! It's refreshing, kind of silly, but it still gets a laugh when someone asks who are you and you simply tell them “I am me!” Or, you could go check into Dr. Seuss quotes that have to do with being yourself and from there simply quote him as you walk around the whole day. Keep that in mind as an option, especially if you aren't sure what you should do while you're claiming to just be yourself! These are just a few examples of great Halloween costume ideas for women...what are your favorites? Which ones would you rather see replaced with something else?