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Cinnamon requires no introduction! One of the vital spices of your spice rack, this magical curry spice adds a mouth watering aroma to any dish prepared by you.
This spice is derived from the aromatic inner bark of a small evergreen tree (scientifically known as Cinnamomum zeylanicum) belongs to the Lauraceae family. It is added to various dishes in the form of dry sticks and even in the form of powder. Numerous studies are being conducted by scientists worldwide to discover the health benefits of cinnamon. One such study conducted by American Botanical Council confirms its health benefits  as a spice as well as a natural remedy.

It is an ideal source of antioxidants. The rich content of fiber, iron, manganese and calcium present in cinnamon provides your body with endless health benefits. The oil extracted from the bark of Cinnamon also contains anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties that boost your immune system. 

There are numerous health benefits of cinnamon. The most important health benefits derived from cinnamon are discussed below:

1. Cures Diabetes: Several scientific studies reveal that Cinnamon contains a component called proanthocyanidins which works like insulin. So if you are suffering from Type 2 diabetes, cinnamon can help you reduce the sugar level of your body including cholesterol as well as triglyceride. A study conducted by American Diabetes Association reveals the efficacy of cinnamon in improving glucose as well as lipid control of Type 2 diabetes patients.

2. Prevents Heart Disease: Cinnamon provides your body with all essential nutrients that assist in flushing toxic chemicals from your body. It also lowers the cholesterol level thus protecting you from several heart diseases. Regular consumption of cinnamon lowers the risk of heart attack.

3. Brain Tonic: The scientific studies on cinnamon reveal that cinnamon has the ability to enhance the activity of your brain. It is an ideal brain tonic that helps you to recover from memory loss.  Moreover, cinnamon also improves your concentration level and virtual recognition memory.

4. Cures Digestive Disorders: If you are suffering from gastrointestinal ailments, acidity or indigestion problem, Cinnamon is the ideal remedy to help you overcome such ailments. The carminative content present in Cinnamon provides you relief from gas and acidity. Various studies conducted on Cinnamon prove that it helps in metabolizing the fats in the process of digestion and enhances the enzymatic activity significantly.

5. Cures Pain: Cinnamon is a rich source of anti-inflammatory properties that provides you relief from pains resulting from arthritis, stiffness of muscles, headache caused by common cold, migraine etc.

6. Eradicates Foul Breath: Cinnamon also fights bad breath by acting as a natural-mouth-freshener. Chewing cinnamon sticks helps in killing the bacteria that cause bad breath and provides you with a refreshing breath with its sweet aroma.

7. Anti Cancer: Since Cinnamon is the best source of antioxidants, it is highly beneficial for preventing the growth of cancerous cells and tumors. A study conducted by U.S department of Agriculture, Maryland proves that cinnamon trims down the growth of lymphoma as well as leukemia cancer cells.

8. Fights Skin Disease: The anti-fungal component of cinnamon helps in curing skin problems. Cinnamon powder when mixed with equal quantity of honey become effective for treating pimple-prone skin, acne, eczema, and various skin ailments.

9. Strengthens Teeth: Being a rich source of anti-bacterial components, Cinnamon can be used as a mouthwash to prevent tooth decay to make your teeth stronger.

10. Cures Cough and Cold: Since ancient times, Cinnamon is being used as a natural remedy in China to cure cough, sore throat and common cold. Drinking herbal tea made of cinnamon water can provide you with quick relief from cough and cold.

Besides this cinnamon acts as a blood purifier and also aids in proper circulation of blood in your body.  Moreover, it is also ideal for nursing mothers. The long list of health benefits of cinnamon does not end here. Cinnamon oil is used as a mosquito repellant and also for making perfumes and room fresheners.

The aromatic spice Cinnamon is extremely beneficial for your health. Including cinnamon in your daily diet provides you and your family with abundant health benefits by eliminating all possible health ailments naturally.