There are too many unhealthy weight loss tips out there, dieting products and even surgery promotions tempting people to spend their hard earned money when they could just make a few eating adjustments to decrease their weight in much safer, cheaper and easier way.

1. Most people don't realize that should avoid eatting after 6 pm. This is the time when your metabolism slows down and kind of goes to sleep for the day, if you really need to eat something after this time make it a piece of fresh fruit.

2. Start and end your day with a glass of warm water to upstart your metabolism and cleanse your bowels (important for weight loss). The bowels, if loaded down with impurities will result in a sluggish metabolism that will tranform and store you food as fat instead of simply processing it for nutrients and getting rid of the fat.

3. Limit yourself to one or two sweet drinks a day. Sugar only serves to provide the body with a lot of empty calories, short term energy that if not used can simply be turned to fat. So if we're downing several sweet liquids a day to keep hydrated, we're doing less for our hydration and much more for our tummy's width. To stay hydrated drink water, or at least unsweetened fruit juice which will contain much less sugar.

4. Cut your carbohydrate and fat content down to half, these the main culprits behind most weight gain. It's much easier to jump start your weight loss process if you eliminate some of these. However, to avoid the risk and craving of binging as a result of depriving yourself totally of your normal eating habits, only cut down your intake of carbs and fat by half and if that's too hard, start with a 1/4 reduction.

5. Since your metabolic rate is in high gear earlier in the day, make sure to eat your carbs and fats between 8 am and 2pm so you can burn them off as the day wears on.

6. Walk to work or school as well as back home again, either the whole way or part of the way if you are the kind of person who doesn't like exercise. To make sure you're on time, simply leave home a little earlier. The extra oxygen as well as the exercise will help you burn more calories and feel better.

7. Since you cut down your carbs and fats by half, double your portion of fruits and veggies especially when raw. Explore new varieties of fruits and vegetables to find the ones you like the most and have them on hand for both meal preparations and for snacking.

8. Drink at least 2 cups of green tea in the earlier part of the day but watch out, while it can give you a boost in energy due to it's improving of your metabolism's fat burning capacity, it can also make you quite a bit hungrier.

9. Whenever you watch tv don't just sit or lie down in front of the tv, instead, use your tv time to gently march on the spot or, if you've just got to rest after a hard day, lay on your back with your head turned toward the tv and do "the bicycle"

10. And last but not least, to encourage further weight loss, avoid adding too much salt to your meals and make sure not to drinking too much before you go to bed as they can both cause significant water retention in the body.