Anymore it seems that they make motion sensor lights for just about everything and everywhere. Of course everyone has seen them used in the standard location like driveways as security lights and in hallways or bathrooms as night lights. But if you are only using them in these locations you are doing yourself a real disservice. With the huge selection of battery powered LED motion sensor lights there is an endless list of places that can be improved with the addition these great lights. In the next few paragraphs you will read about ten helpful out of the way places that you may want to consider for your next motion sensor light.


  1. Attic – The attic is the perfect place for motion sensor lights for a number of reasons. For example most attics don’t have lights and if they do they are usually inadequate. Most people store things in their attic which means if you don’t have light you are trying to look through box after box holding a flashlight.
  2.  Under the Kitchen Sink – Here is a place that is always dark except right up front and is usually packed full of every cleaner you have ever bought plus who knows what. If you are like me I have getting anything from under there simply because of the mess and not knowing what is what. But with an automatic light all that changes, maybe not the mess but at least you can see what you are grabbing.
  3. Crawl Space Under the House – Ok this one might be a little extreme but if you have ever had to do any plumbing under your house you know what a pain it can be to use a light. With a battery powered motion sensor light you could easily mount one right were the plumbing comes down and always have an instant light. Or maybe you have a sump pump under your house with a light under there you can always see exactly how good it’s working.
  4. Barns – Barns are always full of places without good lighting. For example if you have horses or other animals you might want to put a light in their feed storage box.
  5. Tents, Campers and RV’s – Anyone that has ever camp know the a flashlight is mandatory equipment but if you can install a motion sensor light in some of the places you typically use your flashlight you have now freed up a hand for other things. One good place is in the storage compartments of the campers.
  6. Closets – This might be a fairly obvious location for some but others may have never considered it. Do you have a closet in your home that doesn’t have a light because it is too small for a standard light? Many houses do but with the small size of most motion sensor lights you can stick one just about anywhere even one on each shelf.
  7. Stairways – Now here is a place that means the difference between safe and unsafe when it comes to lighting. Most indoor stairways usually have just one light so if the stairs are still dark what do you do. Or maybe your deck has a set of stairs that have no lights at all; this can be really dangerous at night. But with indoor outdoor motion sensor stairways lights you now have no problems.
  8. Sheds – This is another great place that is typically very dark and most people don’t bother running electricity to their sheds. Well a good light here could be a solar motion sensor light. Most are very inexpensive and most also have long cords allowing you to put the light inside and keep the solar panel outside.
  9. Garage Cabinets and Drawers – Ever been looking for something on a drawer or cabinet in your garage but not had enough light to find it. Well this is another good place for those small battery powered lights some of which have built in magnets for easy mounting on metal.
  10. Between the Front Door and Screen Door – By mounting a motion sensor light here you don’t have to worry about it being set off by every dog, cat or car that goes by your house. And the best part is you will never have to fumble in the dark for your house keys again.

 So there you have it 10 places that you have probably never considered installing motion sensor lights but that can help improve your home. Some of these may sound a little strange but sometimes people will do anything for convenience. So whether it's battery operated, solar or electrical by finding the right motion sensor light there are very few location in any home that can’t be improved.