As there’s no scientific cure for hiccups, home remedies are boundless - but do they actually work? I’ve tried several of these methods over the years with varying degrees of success (although I have to say that the vinegar remedy has never failed me yet) - what’s your favorite hiccup cure? 


Though foul tasting, this is one fix that takes effect instantly in the majority of cases (and I can definitely vouch for it), but it’s not for the fainthearted! A good gulp of ordinary malt vinegar swallowed fast (don’t waste your time sipping, it has to be quick) will usually stop your hiccups immediately. 

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Dill pickles 

In a similar vein, dill pickle juice works as well, but if you really can’t face drinking the vinegar, eating a couple of pickles should have the same effect. 

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Black pepper 

Many folk recommend inhaling ground black pepper (although some say that it actually gives them the hiccups).The reasoning behind this, is that the pepper will make you sneeze, causing a reaction that will force your hiccups to stop. 

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Yep, I’m giving you all the fun stuff first! A spoonful of mustard is believed to stop hiccups dead in their tracks by stimulating the nerves in your throat (it actually stimulated my gag reflex, so good luck if you opt for this one!).  

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Paper bag 

Blowing in and out of a paper bag apparently works as it increases the carbon dioxide levels in your blood, which is supposed to stop hiccups. 

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If you can stand the sour taste, sucking on a slice or wedge of lemon should do the trick, but for those of you with a sweeter tooth, you may want to move onto the next option. 

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A teaspoon of sugar is (unsurprisingly!) a favored remedy, though opinions differ on how to take it. Some report that it works best for them if left to dissolve on the back of the tongue while others say that it should be left to dissolve under the tongue; another suggestion is to swallow it with water. 

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Peanut butter

There seems to be no logical reason why this cures hiccups, but there’s a large community who swear by eating a spoonful of peanut butter - go figure.  

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Nope – me neither! This doesn’t seem to be a well-known cure and I’ve found very little information to back it up, but there are a handful of people out there who advocate eating grapes (or raisins), so please let me know if this works for you! 

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Drinking from the opposite side of a glass 

Ok, so I’ve never understood why this works (and it never has for me), but seemingly it does for others, so can anybody tell me how? 

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So there you have it. Not all of these techniques will work for everyone, but there’s no doubt that they do for some – and did anybody know that hiccups are also known as singultus?



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