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10 Highly Controversial Issues Facing Parents Today

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Parenting is one of the hardest jobs there is. There are many choices facing parents. Some of the choices are obvious, while other choices may be harder for the parents to decide on which is the proper method to raise your children. Here are 10 controversies that affect parents.

1. Premastication

Premastication is when a person does the chewing of food for a person and then spits it into their mouth. Birds do this and it is well-known. The controversy around this seemingly taboo subject crept into the mainstream when famous actress Alicia Silverstone put a video up on her blog that showed her premasticating her baby’s food. There are a few other famous people that have begun doing this. Some regular people that are not famous may follow and help increase the popularity of premastication, but the majority of people still seem to think that this is gross and unhealthy.

2. Spanking

2. Spanking
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Spanking as a form of punishment to children is constantly under debate. A  lot of people feel that a solid spanking is a great way to a get a Childs attention and have them do what they are supposed to do. Other people may feel that spanking promotes violence in children and is, at the very least, an unethical way of treating kids.

3. Baby Yoga

People are often shocked when they see the video of Baby Yoga. Lena Folkin made this video famous with here “Baby Yoga” techniques that were filmed. Controversy soon erupted and the overwhelming consensus is that this could be considered child abuse.

4. Eating Placenta Pills

Instead of disposing of the placenta after giving birth some women choose to have some pills made up using the placenta. These pills made from the placenta are then digested by the new mother to help get the vitamins and minerals her bodies need. The women that do this are convinced this is one of the most efficient ways of getting the essential vitamins and nutrients that the body needs after giving birth. Some health experts however dispute these claims.

5. Football Concussions

Yes football is a major controversy in some families. The great American sport of full-contact football is a tradition that is passed on by many fathers who teach their boys how to play football. The controversy that has risen to a new level is the number of parents, including some fathers, who do not feel comfortable with their kids playing football. Concussions are very common in football and many parents who have witnessed a violent hit that caused a concussion on  a player and then seen the player suffer from migraines and blurred vision have decided to ban their kids from playing football.

 Technology continues to evolve and in theory new technological advance in helmets has made the game of football safer than ever. The arguments against this is the brute strength and force of junior high and high school football is at an all-time high with advances in training and nutrition thus any advances in helmet technology are relegated as offsetting by the extreme physical condition the players are in.

Most football players do not have anything beyond minor injuries or a torn ligament; however a concussion can cause lifelong problems for the player and in a few cases a concussion has even caused the impacted player to die.  A high school football player dying from a concussion is very tragic, but is it tragic enough for you to pull your own kids from the football program?

6. Allowing Teens to Have Sex at Home

A few parents have decided that it would be better to allow their teen children to have sex at home. These parents might feel that if they condone their sexual activity and let them do it at home then there is less chance that it will end in pregnancy or with a sexually transmitted disease.


7. Movie Ratings

7. Movie Ratings
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Many parents will only allow their children to watch age appropriate movies. Once their child reaches the teenage years they will allow them to watch movies that are rate PG-13 but will still not allow them to watch R-rated movies. These parents consider R-rated movies to be a bad influence on their children.

Other parents will happily allow their children to watch rate R movies because they know the language they are exposed to in the movie is the same language that their children hear every day at school from their peers.

8. Sex Education at School

8. Sex Education at School

Sex Education in schools is always a controversial subject. Some parents do not feel comfortable taking to their children about sexual related topics and would prefer the school to teach it. Other parents feel that sex education has no business being taught in school. The major argument for sex education in schools is that it seems to cut down on the STD infection rates and also decreases pregnancy among those teens who do not talk to their parents about sex related topics.

9. Guns and Kids

9. Guns and Kids
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Some parents want to keep their children from being exposed to guns because they want to protect their children at all costs. Other parents WANT to have their children exposed to guns because they too want to protect their children at all costs. In some areas it is common for young kids to go shooting and know how to properly handle a weapon. Should you teach your children how to use and handle guns or should you keep them from ever being exposed to guns in your house? Teaching weapons to children will always be a controversial subject in some communities.

10. Allowing Teens to Drink at Home

10.  Allowing Teens to Drink at Home
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Many teens will go out to a  party and drink. Some of these teens will get involved in accidents driving drunk. A few parents will allow their teens and a few of their friends to party at home in the basement. These parents will condone the use of alcohol at home because these parents think that the kids are going to drink and party no matter what, so they might as well drink and party in a safer environment.

Other parents go absolutely “nuts” thinking that a parent would allow their teen children to drink at home. These parents feel that by allowing kids to drink and party at home that they are enabling and encouraging the children into unsafe practices.



Apr 17, 2012 1:56pm
I love this article, as it hits so many modern issues very well. Premastication is just disgusting, for the germ factor.
Sex in my home.with in reason if it is a stable partner and they are of course over the age of consent. If my kids are under age, the boy will be picking up his legs from the end of the driveway!
Drinking at home, I agree with as the French do. I really belief we need to teach our kids how to respect alcohol and the flavour. Not just flavour alcohol with child tasting soda, so they can't gauge what they have had. A glass of wine on special occasions is something I see no harm in. Binge drinking, just not happening ANYWHERE with my kid, never mind at home.
Sex Ed I think is great, the more informed the better, ignorance is the basis for all evil in my view. Even my 7 year old knows more than some 15 year olds, she knows it in a scientific manner though, that is how I believe it should be dealt with.
Sports injuries, whilst not enthralling for a parent, you have to let them learn. Children and young adults lack common sense because they are wrapped in cotton wool and not allowed to learn from their own experiences.
Guns are not an issue in the UK as main stream they are illegal. I have known some families own rifles through "rabbiting" for local farmers, don't think I would feel comfy having guns in a house with kids, yet I understand that is because I have been predisposed to think that way.
Spanking, hell yeah, my kids, my house, my rules. Although the word "spanking" makes me laugh, as it brings in imagery of conjugal rites more than "smacking".
Movies, as long as I have seen them or had a friend tell me what is in it, I will consider movies that are above the age of my children. That is because I am willing to discuss issues with my kids that rear themselves after a movie.
Eating Placenta and Baby Yoga aren't even issues I hold an opinion on, I couldn't care less.
Thank you for making me reconsider if my opinions are still valid, as to answer your article I thought properly on my views.
Sorry for the long post, hope it holds some good juice in it for you, as it is a mini article of its own,lol.
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