Do-It-Yourself Gifts From The Heart

Purchasing presents for your wife or girlfriend can get expensive very quickly.  However, you definitely do not want to give any homemade gifts just to be cheap—that does not go over well with significant others—but oftentimes it is the homemade gifts that will have the most sentimental value. 

1.    Love Letters

Is there a successful relationship out there that does not have a shoebox full of love letters?  I do not think so.  There is something so timeless and simple about a love letter.  This is a great way to express the way you feel about your significant other when emotions are just so hard to articulate. 

2.    Poetry

Shakespeare has nothing on you.  Try writing your wife or girlfriend a love poem from the heart.  It does have to rhyme and most certainly does not need to be written in iambic pentameter.  As long as the words come from your heart, your significant other will love this gift.  To spice up this gift a little bit, write a few drafts of your poem and then mount and frame your poem.  Another option would be to give you partner a series of poems that you have written in a journal.  These poems should include your original work, but you could also throw in some sonnets from the masters. 

Budget Valentine's Day IdeasCredit: Webweaver3.    Memory Box

All right men, it is time to suck it up and not be afraid of the word “craft.”  For this gift, you will have to learn the art of decoupage, which is actually a very easy thing to master. 

For this gift you will need a box (a shoebox should do just fine), some photos and/or print outs, and a bottle of Mod Podge, which you can purchase at your local craft store. Essentially, all you need to do for this gift is slather Mod Podge on both sides of your photos and place them on your box.  The Mod Podge will glue the photos to the box and will also leave a protective and decorative sheen on the outside of your pictures.

For obvious reasons, the photos and print outs should depict things that are important and descriptive of your relationship.  Maybe you have a favorite picture together, or maybe you just print out the logo to your favorite restaurant.  Whatever it is, make it something special and unique to your relationship.

4.    Scrapbook or Photo Book

This gift can take on two different forms, both have the same desired result but they take drastically different amounts of time and money to produce.  For both gifts, you should sift through all the old pictures you have laying dormant on your hard drive.  You could even try to dig up old baby photos to place in your album. 

Creating a scrapbook is going to take up much more of your time (and money) than the photo book.  You will need to print out all of your pictures and will need to buy a scrapbook as well as an assortment of fancy paper and various other accoutrements.  If you are in no way crafty, stay away from a making a photo album. 

Many online photo retailers offer photo books that are very easy to assemble and are relatively inexpensive to purchase.  If you use a site like, they have hundreds of different templates that will make your book professionally design.  On your end, things could not be easier—all you need to do is drag and drop photos from your computer to the pages of your book.

5.    A Framed Picture

Nothing says “I love you” like a framed picture of the two of you.  Add a personal touch and purchase a do-it-yourself frame kit.  Be sure to add some of your favorite quotes on love or lyrics from your special song to the frame for added sentimental value. 

6.    A Keepsake Box

This is a great gift for the craft adverse men who scoffed at decoupage suggested in number five above.  Instead of making your own memory box, order a keepsake box from an online retailer like Shutterfly.  On top of the box, you have the ability to place a special picture of your choice.    

7.    A CD full of songs with double meanings…

If you have not yet created a CD of songs for your significant other, you should do so now.  Be mindful of the different music styles that you two may enjoy, but fill the CD with songs that have a deep meaning for the two of you.  Make sure that you do not include any songs from ghosts of girlfriend’s past…

8.    A romantic candlelit dinner

Surprise your partner with a fancy dinner made completely by yourself.  If you are not good or lack creativity in the kitchen, there are a vast array of romantic meals you can make without much difficulty.  Try cooking one of your partner’s favorite meals, or simply try to cook up something that takes you out of your comfort zone.  Women will almost always appreciate the time and effort put into a good home cooked meal… and if you miserably fail in the kitchen, you will just have another fun story to tell about your relationship.    

9.    A “Love” Calendar

For a “love” calendar, you will either need to purchase (or make) any standard wall calendar.  The pictures contained in the calendar are irrelevant since you will be pasting over all of them with something of a little more meaning.  Similar to the memory box, print out a number of photos and quotes to glue in the calendar’s pages.  Try to make the pictures relevant to the months of the year.  You will also want to fill in any special dates on the calendar, including anniversaries, birthdays, and vacations. 

10.  A Coupon Book

The coupon book is sort of an old standard for homemade presents.  Some coupons could include a free massage, cleaning, or walking the dog.  Get creative and think about what your girlfriend or wife would really want from you but just do not quite get enough of.