Kissing is one of the most intimate ways to show someone that you care for them and love them. A kiss can be simple such as a peck on the cheek. A kiss can also be very erotic with a tongue jammed down the other person’s throat.

Here are 10 hot kissed caught by camera. Some are sexy, some are romantic, and some of these kisses are truly heartwarming. Great photography and kissing definitely go together.

Throughout the history of photography hot kisses have been captured by countless photographers.


1. Beach Kissing

Girls Kissing on BeachCredit:

Kisses on the beach can be very hot, but when it is 2 attractive girls on the beach kissing it is beyond hot. This is one of the hottest beach kisses you can find that is still safe for work viewing.

Why do many guys like to see 2 girls kissing each other passionately? Regardless of the reasons this is definitely a hot kiss that was caught on camera.

2.  Overhead Kiss Shot

Overhead Kiss ShotCredit:

We do not know if they are kissing hello or kissing goodbye. From loosing at the picture it looks like they are simply kissing to share their passion. Kissing your soul mate for the first time is often one of the most memorable experiences of your life and something you will never forget. The moments before you kiss for the first time and your hands are sweating, your heart is beating super fast, and you are extremely nervous. When the night is done and you head home you are filled with an exhilarating feeling of glee as you jump in the air and click your heels together.

Sometimes a basic photograph can be to look truly amazing depending on the angles you use. A simply kissing shot can be made fantastic when you capture the couple kissing from a new angle such as the overhead camera shot in this kissing image.

3. Close Up

Close Up(97949)Credit:

A close up shot of a couple passionately kissing reveals that it does not always look like it does in the movies. Kissing can be a sloppy and messy at times, but this is part of the joy of kissing. Kissing is one of the best ways to express your affection to that person who you truly love, whether it is your wife or simply your girlfriend. Kissing is a universal sign that is used and recognized by all societies regardless of their religious beliefs. A simple shot of a kiss from a distance may look sexually romantic; however when you capture the same image up close you can often see the imperfections of the couple. This is symbolic of life and helps to express the imperfections that everybody has. Some people relish their imperfections as they realize that is who they are; however others may wear heavy makeup to cover their imperfections. Imperfections are not truly imperfections; they are simply the DNA of who we are ad individuals.

4. Romantic Kiss


Romantic KissCredit:

Sharing a kiss at a romantic spot when you are on vacation is amazing. Kissing your loved one in a hot spot at a hot spot is one way to get you hot in your spot.


5. Love


A kiss like this shows the world that you are in love. We do not know anything about this couple; however we do know they are in love. We know this because this beautiful and tender moment of kissing was caught on camera and shared with the world.

6. Kiss the Seamen

Kiss the SeamenCredit:

The men and women in the Navy are often gone for 6 months or more at a time. Even during peace time it is truly heartwarming to see the affection shown to these Seamen when they return from a long voyage. Kissing seamen is a great way to show your love and support when your favorite seamen returns from a long voyage.

If you are married to someone in the Army, Marine Corps, Air Force, or Coast Guard then you can relate to the feelings that is represented in this photograph. If you are married to someone that is in a branch of the military that is not the Navy then you better not get caught kissing someone else’s Seamen.

7. Statue Kiss

Statue KissCredit:

What I told you above about the Navy kisses is true. They are so iconic that there is even a statue of a Navy guy kissing his woman. Military kisses are hot, but Navy kisses are truly iconic. If you ever get the chance to see a military unit return after a long deployment it is something I highly recommend you watch, even if you are not relatives with any of the military members. Seeing the happiness of families being reunited is truly amazing and will often bring a tear of happiness to your eye.

8. Long Deployment


Long DeploymentCredit:

He was gone for a long time and they are so glad to see each other. I’m telling you, these navy kisses are hot, truly hot. Very hot kisses come from our Navy personnel when they return from their deployments.

9. Lovers Kiss


Lovers KissCredit:

This photograph shows this couple at an intimate time, right after they kissed. It is a great photograph that helps demonstrate the power of not only kissing, but of the ability of a camera to freeze a moment of time to illustrate to future generations that, “yes, the kiss was alive and well”.

If you own a camera then try and capture your own hot kisses on a picture. Feel free to photography strangers on the street if you come across a couple who is passionately kissing and showing their affection for each other.


10. Scenic Kiss

Scenic KissCredit:


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