Country Music has a lot of talented male singers.

Some of them are extremely unattractive. Some of them look like the perverted shop teacher you had in high school. The men on this list are among some of the most handsome Country Music singers that are active today.

Let me know in the comments below which guys you agree with being on this list and which ones you would have added.

Here are 10 hot male Country Music singers:

10. Tim McGraw

Tim McGrawCredit:

Tim McGraw helps to define the Country music genre by constantly pushing the boundaries of what we traditionally think is the limits of this musical genre. Tim McGraw has had a wide variety of Country hits that include slow ballads and music you can truly rock out to.

Tim McGraw was born in 1967 in the town of Delhi, Louisiana. He is toned, muscular, and very sexy for a male.

9. Zac Brown

Zac BrownCredit:

Zac Brown is definitely not going to be a model for Calvin Klein underwear; however is appeal is that he is very down-to-earth and a real person. He has not let super stardom keep him from grilling steaks and burgers in his backyard with his longtime friends. Zac Brown is the iconic home bred male who happened to become famous. If you are into beards then you have got to be into Zac Brown.

8. Jake Owen

Jake OwenCredit:

Jake Owen could be an alternative rock superstar. He looks like he could be the sexy and masculine front man for any number of bands, but his specialty is Country music. Jake Owen was born in 1981 in Vero Beach, Florida. Jake Owen is married, but if you like the way this stud looks than you will be excited to hear that he also has a twin brother.

7. Rodney Atkins

Rodney AtkinsCredit:

Rodney Atkins was born in 1969, but he has the boyish good lucks that would allow him to pass as a college student. Some of his best songs are “If Your Going Though Hell” and “Watching You”. Rodney Atkins was born in Knoxville, Tennessee and was adopted. His birth mother could have easily of had an abortion, but she instead chose to put have the baby and put him up for adoption. Because his birth mother did not have an abortion we get to enjoy the good humor and great music of Rodney Atkins.

6. Willie Nelson

Willie Nelson is definitely one of the top 10 hot male country singers. If Willie Nelson was not famous and simply worked at a local factory he would have no sex appeal at all; however his success combined with his great singing voice makes Willie Nelson eligible for the 10 hot make country singers list that you are reading here.

Willie Nelson was born in 1933 in the town of Abbot, Texas. Willie Nelson was a cute kid and looks very handsome in his old age. Willie Nelson was however pretty ugly in the early 70’s.

5. Luke Bryan


Luke BryanCredit:

Luke Bryan began his career in the music industry the same way the Willie Nelson did. Luke Bryan started writing songs for other singers and was then able to cultivate a very successful career of his own. Luke Bryan was born in 1976 in the town of Leesburg, Georgia. Luke Bryan is very hot and could easily be a movie star if he wanted to be.

4. Brad Paisley

Brad PaisleyCredit:

Brad Paisley can seriously rock hard. He performs songs that are both Country and Southern Rock. He can mesh the 2 styles together for some great tunes. If you are a Country music fan than you have got to have some Brad Paisley MP3 downloads. Brad Paisley was born in 1972 in the town of Glendale, West Virginia.

His iconic song that demonstrates his humorous side is the song “I’m Gonna Miss Her (The Fishin’ Song). Brad Paisley is a very handsome man, however he is married. Brad Paisley is married to Kimberly Williams. Kimberly Williams is an actress who you might recognize best from the movies Father of the Bride and Father of the Bride 2.

3. Josh Turner

Josh TurnerCredit:

Josh Turner was born in 1977 and grew up in the small town of Hannah, South Carolina. Josh Turner is a great musician and is very hot for a male. Hanna, South Carolina may be a small town with only around 1,500 residents, but Hannah is also the town where Major League Baseball player George Brett was born as well as Lady Gaga’s mother. Hanna sure can breed the famous people for being such a small community.

2. Jack Ingram

Jack IngramCredit:

Jack Ingram was born in 1970 in the The Woodlands, Texas, near the City of Houston. Jack Ingram began his music career when he was in college studying for a degree in Psychology at Southern Methodist University.

1. Toby Keith

Toby KeithCredit:

Toby looked kind of nerdy when he first became famous, but a lot of people did the too. Today Toby Keith is hot, masculine, sexy, rich, and funny. He is one of the most sought after guys in country music. Toby Keith was not always rich and famous. He began his career by working on oil rigs. His family thought he would never be able to be a successful singer. You’re not talented enough his family told him. Good thing he did not listen because he is one of the top draws in Country music today. He also sings funny songs such as the hit song Red Solo Cup.

Toby Keith was 32 years old before he had his first song released. Toby Keith was born in 1961 in the town of Clinton, Oklahoma. He even played semi-professional football before he became famous. Toby Keith was experiencing pretty good success, but when he released the song.

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