Some of the hottest female sport stars are involved in beach volleyball. The classic summer game is now played worldwide by both men and women. Here are 10 hot beach volleyball players who are great at the game of beach volleyball and truly enjoy playing the game.

10. Serving the VolleyBall

Girl Serving the Volleyball on the BeachCredit: Flickr/Peter Huys

9. Diving For the Volleyball

Beach Volleyball DiveCredit: Flickr/buildscharacter

8. Hardcore Volleyball Serve

Beach SpikeCredit: Flickr/Spaztacular

7. Beach Volleyball Action

Beach Volleyball ActionCredit: Flickr/marktollerman

6. Michael Jordan Style Tongue on Beach Volleyball Player

Michael Jordan Style TongueCredit: Flickr/marktollerman

5. Beach Volleyball Butt Advertising

Butt Advertising BikiniCredit: Flickr/Funkdooby

4. Happy Beach Volleyball Player

Pink and Blue Athletic BikiniCredit: Flickr/Funkdooby

3. Beach Volleyball Girls

Sand Volleyball PlayersCredit: Flickr/Funkdooby

2. Beach Volleyball Teamwork Among Girls

Beach Volleyball PlayersCredit: Flickr/Funkdooby

1. Amateur Nike Beach Volleyball Player

Beach VolleyBall PlayerCredit: Flickr/Funkdooby

Beach Volleyball is full of great looking women, but the game is also full of very talented women who take the game serious. You can actually become a professional player and get paid prize money in addition to numrous endorsement deals. Some professionals earn over $100,000 each year simply playing in tournaments and attracting sponsorship deals.

Is it easy to become a proffesional player? Of course it is not easy. It takes a lot of practice, energy, and motivation on your part along with some good luck. If you want to become a professional then you need to play a lot and improve your volleyball skills. You need to play with people better than you are. 

It is harder for many women to make the adjustment from playing on wood courts to the sandy beaches, but it is worth it. A career in this industry is possible for anyone who has a strong interest and work ethic.

Diving for the ball is much more comfortable on the beach as opposed to playing on wood, unless you get too much sand and grit in your bikini. Not many women play in Agua Benita Bikinis. You need a bikini designed for athletic use.

A good coach can help you get a lot of the knowlege you need to turn professional, but your best bet is to simply play the game whenever you can. If you are playing in the sand 5 days a week with great players then you will continually improve your skills and possible even develop some contacts.

Enter some amateur tournaments and then work your way up. Eventually you can become a serious player who actually earns money playing the game.