Getting And Staying Healthy

      Everyone wonders how to stay healthy, even if they're already healthy. Our health is after all a very important part of life and in order to continue our lives the way we like, we need to be healthy. Once we're healthy, we need to stay that way and therefore we can't get too lazy or too indulgent.

     While initially it can be difficult to get healthy, it is not impossible. In fact it's easier as long one doesn't expect to lose weight or get healthier over night. Getting healthy takes time. Losing weight which is going to stay off also takes time. It's better than a crash diet, because after a crash diet the weight just returns swiftly with an additional few pounds or more.

     Following these tips may get you started in the right direction, leading a healthier life. Not only will you feel healthier, but you'll feel more confidant about yourself and may enjoy life to a whole new level.

Ten Tips To A Healthier You

     Tip #1: Upon awakening, drink a glass of water. Drinking six to eight glasses of water daily helps with losing weight and keeping hydrated. Plus drinking a cool glass of water in the morning before breakfast can help to jump start ones metabolism. Not only that, it will keep a person from eating too much at any meal if they drink a full glass of water. Water is the source of all life, the earth is made up of about 71% water just as our bodies are. Therefore our bodies need water and if we neglect to give our body what it needs, we die. That, or at least we die much earlier than we may otherwise have.

     Tip #2: Always eat breakfast. Not a doughnut, but something healthy. One egg, one slice of bacon, one slice of whole wheat toast and a grapefruit or orange in the morning will help to jump start a persons metabolism. Eating a healthy breakfast every morning will also stave off hunger one feels an hour or so after having eaten.

     Tip #3: Indulge, but in moderation. People should never deny themselves a treat. However instead of purchasing a big bag of chips or a large size ice cream cone, get the single serving size bag and the kiddie cone. You're only going to remember the last bite anyway. Not only will it help to battle those cravings, it might save a few pennies here and there.

     Tip #4: Cut out, or at least cut down the consumption of soda pop, juices and other junk food. That doesn't mean not to have any as per tip number 3, but don't keep anything in the house. After all, if its in the house, chances are you're going to eat it. Chances are you wont just stop at a single serving, even if you leave the bag in the cupboard and only pour a single serving into a tiny bowl. It's too easy to go back, whereas if you have to go to the store, you might chose instead to eat or drink something else. Maybe you'll decide to have an orange instead or a glass of water.

     Tip #5: When visiting a store, park as far away from the entrance as possible. You'll manage to get several more steps a day and while it might not be a lot, it is progress. It can lead to getting just a little bit healthier than you may have been before. At least to begin with, its a good start and slowly you can make further progress by adding in other steps in different ways each day, week, month or year. However taking more steps per day is a step in the right direction for someone seeking to begin living a healthier lifestyle.

     Tip #6: Make breakfast your largest meal of the day, lunch your second largest and dinner your smallest meal. As the day wears on you need less energy and so do not need a large meal. Consuming most of your calories in the earlier hours of the day, you're more likely to burn them off than if you eat them later in the evening. Just letting the calories sit instead of being burned off, they'll collect and you'll be more likely to gain weight instead of losing it.

     Tip #7: Take a walk around the block. It may be a short walk no more than ten to twenty minutes long, depending on how big your block is. It also depends on whether your block has any elevation or not. No matter what though, taking any extra time for a few extra steps will lead to a healthier life. Plus it will do wonders for your glutes. Then slowly begin to walk farther, quicker. This will intensify the walks. Maybe you'll even have a goal of walking a marathon after weeks of training simply by slowly building up the length of your walks over time.

     Tip #8: If you enjoy watching television, get a treadmill and put in front of it. Then while watching any television programs, use the treadmill until the program is over. You can start with just the commercials and then the half hour shows, working your way up to movie length programs. This way you'll not have to leave the house when its cold or too hot. As long as you can control the temperatures in your home, or at least one of the rooms, then you should be more comfortable exercising daily.

     Tip #9: Don't eat anything after six or seven in the evening. Rarely is anyone active after that time. They would probably be sitting and watching the television, be it the news or some other program. That, or on the computer, reading or going to bed. Possibly out at a theater catching the latest hot new theatrical release. Now should one really feel hungry, probably eating a vegetable or fruit in small portions would be fine.

     Tip #10: If you want to a restaurant and there's one within a mile on foot, walk instead of drive. Not only will it save gas, but it will also burn up some calories that you're about to ingest. Plus you'll also have to walk back. Our ancestors hunted and gathered their food and so didn't have as much of a problem keeping fit as we do today. Therefore taking a walk to and from the place one will be eating shouldn't be too much of a hassle. It's also probably far less strenuous than what they had to deal with.