Wedding trends vary a lot. Some trends stick around for many years and other wedding trends are only fashionable for a few years.
In all the different wedding trends there are some basic keywords that are likely to  be part of any fashion. Make your own choice from this Mariage Poster:

Marriage PosterCredit:

Credit: Marriage Poster

Marriage. Tying the Knot. Holy Matrimony. Ceremony. Rings. Bride and Groom. Wedding Bliss. Commitment. Wedding Bells. Something old, Something new. Something borrowed, Something blue. Happily ever after.
Maybe not all, but some of these keywords will without doubt be found in any wedding trend.
Here are 10 hot wedding trends:

1. Wedding Veils

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The traditional wedding veil is being used less each year. Currently it can be considered very trendy to not wear a veil when you get married. If you are planning your wedding and want to skip wearing the veil, than feel free to go ahead and not wear the traditional wedding veil.

2. Wedding Honeymoons


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Traditionally a couple will get married and then go on their honeymoon together. The current wedding trend is making wedding honeymoons much more popular. A wedding honeymoon is the destination where the couple gets married at, and has their honeymoon there. If Hawaii is the destination then you and your partner would fly to Hawaii, have the actual wedding ceremony, and then enjoy your honeymoon. Wedding honeymoons are extremely popular with non-traditional couples. The downside to these weddings is that in many cases your friends and family cannot afford to fly down there to enjoy the wedding ceremony.

3. Funny Pictures

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Traditionally wedding photographers were used to capture the special moment of a wedding. Today professional wedding photographers are still used; however with the rise of digital cameras and cell phones with cameras there are many more people snapping and sharing pictures of weddings. When you are on your honeymoon after the wedding ceremony you may log onto Facebook and find funny pictures that your friends and family have posted. These are funny and cute pictures that the regular photographer will not always be able to snap. Relish any and all pictures that are took at your wedding, even if they do not present you in the most elegant fashion.

4. Casual Weddings

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More couples are getting divorced and remarried. This is happening more than any other time in history. Generally a person will choose to have a formal wedding; however by the time they are moving on to their 2nd or 3rd wedding they often become casual events. If your parents sprung for a fancy wedding and then you get divorced, you cannot expect them to pay for another wedding. Another benefit of having a cheap and casual wedding is that you will have more money to spend on your honeymoon or to use to get a new home.

5. Marrying Older

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Men and women are waiting to get married longer. Instead of marrying when they are 18 or right after college, many young people are waiting until they are older. Sometimes until age 30 or even older before they settle down and get married for the first time.

Couples who wait until they are older seem to have stronger marriages and are less apt to get divorced. Why rush to get married? For some couples getting married young works out good for them. For most couples get the wild streaks out of your system before you marry. Regardless of how old you are, never rush marriage. Marriage is supposed to be a life-long commitment. You need to be sure that you have found your soul-mate and that you will truly be happy with the person you choose to marry for the rest of your life.

6. Non-Traditional Wedding Venues

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More couples are choosing non-traditional wedding venues. Instead of getting married a t a Church or in the backyard of Grandmas house they are instead choosing to marry at some unique venues. If the bride or groom is a fire fighter they may choose to get married at the local fire department station. A unique wedding venue can bring a lot of good memories to the people who attend your wedding.

If a couple is passionate about the sport of bowling then they may choose to get married at their favorite bowling alley. They may even wear fancy matching bowling shirts. Instead of throwing rice on the couple the wedding watchers may throw bowling balls simulatanelosuly.

7. Buffet Pot Luck


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Instead of hiring a professional caterer for the reception more couples are opting to have a buffet where everybody brings a dish of food to share with everyone else. This has always occurred but is becoming a very popular wedding trend even among those who choose to have an otherwise very formal wedding.

8.  Cleavage


The bride and the bridesmaids are showing more cleavage then ever before. Cleavage is a common sight at weddings. If you go to a wedding and see no cleavage then it must be an Amish wedding. Other than the Amish it seems like everybody is showing a lot of cleavage. If the cleavage keeps growing it will soon be showing a bare breast.

9. Wedding Vows


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The divorce rate is continues to skyrocket higher and higher. It seems like the most popular trend is that couples do not take their wedding vows seriously. Instead of viewing the vows as an oath of commitment, couples seem to take a casual attitude towards them. They figure they want to get married and hope that it will work out for them, but if it doesn’t it is no big deal and they can just find someone else to marry once they get divorced.

Sometimes marriages will end in divorce despite the couple truly trying to make it work. The problem is when people do not take their vows of marriage serious. Don’t get married if you plan on cheating on your spouse. Don’t get married if you plan on leaving your husband if he loses his lucrative paying job and ends up flipping burgers at McDonalds. Don’t leave your wife if she chunks up and gains a lot of weight. 

10. Focus on Friends

The friends will gladly surround the new married couple who are openly showing their love.

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More and more couples are putting the emphasis on ensuring that their friends and family have fun at their wedding. Instead of making sure every detail is sitting just right, they instead come up with ways to streamline the wedding ceremony and get the crowd to the wedding reception party as soon as possible.