Coconut oil has many functions that it performs well. Its health benefits are more commonly known and enjoyed, but what can it do around the house? Next time there’s a project or chore around the house or you’ve ran out of an important household product, you may have some luck. The scope of uses is impressive, providing all the more reason to keep a jar handy in a cabinet.

Coconut Oil Uses for HairCredit: Nacu

Removes chewing gum

Whether it’s in the carpet or hair, applying coconut oil removes the problem all together.

Stop hinges from squeaking

Nature’s WD-40. Lather the area well, making sure it lubricates entirely and enjoy the peace and quiet.

Base ingredient for homemade deodorants, toothpaste, and makeup remover

This is another great way to cut chemicals out of your life. Coconut oil is an active ingredient for cleaning and fighting bacteria.

Condition guitar strings and wood

Watch instantly the new life a lather of the oil will give old wood furniture or tabletops. It is truly impressive. It is also great for lubricating guitar strings.

Chap stick

Coconut oil is a strong natural moisturizer, great for lips.


It has a natural SPF level. The oil also works great for treating sunburns.

Removes stains

Equal parts coconut oil and baking soda prevent stains from setting. Simply mix the two ingredients and apply to the problem area. After letting it sit, clean away.

Body lotion

It prevents flaking and cracking. Many apply it as a facial to reap its anti-aging effects. 

Replaces shaving cream

You wont have a problem next time you run out of shaving cream, so long as there’s coconut oil in the house. It gives a close shave, helps prevent razor burn, and skin moisturizer all together.

1-for-1 Substitute for vegetable oil and butter

Whether you’re a vegan in search for a dairy substitute or want to add some new flavors to your stir-fry, coconut oil stands the test.

Coconut oil allows for significant reduction of harmful chemical products. Its uses are vast and definitive. Taking active steps to minimizing and eliminating exposure to toxic chemicals are proven beneficial steps for your health, in both the long and short-term. You will not regret helping yourself and the environment. Often times there are assumptions that all-natural products are not equivocally as strong as their chemical counterpart, but coconut oil reveals that stereotype as the falsehood it is.