Some churches and are notorious for putting up eye catching funny slogans on their signs. The funny signs catch your attention and also get people talking in a positive way about their church. If a church consistently rotates new slogans onto their signs then people will get in the habit of always looking out when they drive by to see the newest funny church slogan. If a church does it properly then people may intentionally drive by the church to see the newest slogan, even if it is not on their driving route.

There are numerous funny slogans on church signs. Here are 10 church slogan signs that are funny.

Funny and Cool Church Slogan SignsCredit: Flickr/au_tiger01


Unintentionally Dirty Church SignCredit: Flickr/Undertow851

Many Church signs can be interpeted by a dirty mind, yet the intention was never to be dirty.

Come Quickly, AmenCredit: Flickr/undertow851

Sometimes you wonder if the Pastor of a church has a dirty mind or simply does not realize the dual meaning of his sign.


Missionary Position Church SignCredit: Flickr/Undertow851

I know what the sign means...I think...well...ummm....Yes!


Come to ChurchIs the PastorCredit: Flickr/undertow851

truly that Naive?

UR Church Missing SignCredit: Flickr/au_tiger01

Church signs are not always seemingly dirty. There are also numerous church signs with cute and funny slogans that can instantly capture your attention. This sign has a better chance of getting a person into sit on a pew on Sundays then a traditional slogan that simply advertises the worship hours.

Open Minded Church SignCredit: Flickr/au_tiger01

Great Advice or simply an attention getter?

Bible Character Peter Church Talk SignCredit: Flickr/Undertow851

Not the intended message that the church meant to convey!

Clint HopperCredit: Flickr/theogeo

Clint Hopper Sign...oops.

All Inclusive Church SignCredit: Flickr/Larry Page

An All inclusive sign that tries not to forget any group of people!

There are numerous church signs and many memorable ones. The next time you drive by a church keep your eyes peeled for the sign. If you are lucky you will spot a funny church sign, or maybe an motivational church sign. 

Signs such as these have proven to be able to get not only new people into the pews on Sundays, but also to get non-active members to return once again to the church. Most places of worship are very welcoming to new people so take a chance and head to church this sunday to give it a try. Who cares if you have never been there before. 

If you spot a funny sign then take a picture of it with your cell phone camera and share it with the world. Funny signs keep popping up everywhere. The signs that are un-intentionally funny are among the best. These signs can sometimes convey a meaning that the church neither condones or they may not even be aware of the dual meaning of the slogan they put on the sign. You can help them out and tell them the sign has a possible dirty meaning, but before you do that take an image of the sign and share it with the world on the Internet.

If you were offended by any of these signs that were un-intentionally dirty it could be that you have a dirty mind at heart. If you run a church and do not use cute or funny slogans then you should try using them for awhile. It may increase the number of people in your church on Sundays.