Christmas is a wonderful holiday season of giving and sharing, and coming together as a family. Here are ten ideal Christmas gifts for parents now that you are out of their home, and possibly have a family of your own.

1. Magazine Subscription-What better gift to give than one they can look forward to receiving all year long? You can gift one magazine subscription for your parents as a couple, or get them one of their own tailored to their specific likes.

2. Digital Photo Frame-There are many different types and styles of photo frames available. This can be a great and easily personalized gift by uploading family pictures and fun memories before wrapping and presenting it to your parents.

3. His and Hers Watches-Give your parents a matching and elegant set of watches. This may be something they would love but wouldn't think to buy for themselves.

4. Hobby Gifts-If your father is in to fishing, you could get him a new tackle box or pole; if your mom is in to scrapbooking, knitting or crocheting new pattern books or other related accessories would be much appreciated.

5. A Unique Collection Item-If your parents collect odd assortments of knick knacks, objet d'art or have a coin, stamp or other collection, try to locate a more unusual or rare piece to enhance and add to that collection.

6. Food Gift-Food is always a winning present, especially if you take the time to find a special item that really shows the love you feel for them. There are many monthly clubs that you can gift for them, whether it is smoked meats and cheeses for dad, or chocolate or coffee for mom, or a different wine every month for both of them to share together.

7. A Gift of Convenience- You could give your dad a break from mowing the lawn or shoveling snow, or save your mom from having to wash her windows or weed her garden by hiring a service to do these tedious jobs for them and allow them the break they deserve.

8. Gift Certificates or free gift cards for a Fun Day-If your dad enjoys golf, or mom would love a day at the spa or salon this could be the perfect day of relaxation for your parents.

9. The Gift for the Activist Parents-Consider a monetary gift in their name, if your parents are passionate about a cause or have dedicated their time and energy to a charity.

10. Homemade Gifts- Your parents loved your macaroni necklace gift when you were five and they will still love a meaningful homemade gift now that you are grown and out of the home. Whether your specialty is baking, sewing, quilting, scrapbooking, wood working or something else, a gift made from your hands with love will encompass the true meaning of Christmas and provide the ideal gift for your parents.