Aiming to be as attractive as possible make up often is that important part of your daily routine to create that stunning look. If you are fond of makeup or use it in minimal quantities everyday then you will love to learn some exceptional makeup ideas that will make you look chic and stylish. There are many makeup ideas that you should know by now if you use makeup fondly but following a makeup strategy from start till end is the key to a stunning look.  

Use these make up tips for your stunning look:

1. In order to select the right products it is essential to know your skin type. If your skin is oily and you choose oil based products then you will exude a sticky and oily look that may look unattractive as well. The market is full of products designed to suit different skin types. Make the right decisions when you choose your make up product.

2. Thoroughly clean you skin before you apply the make up. For the foundation which naturally comes first, choose one in the tone of your skin. It is advised to choose a foundation with SPF so that you can get good protection against harsh sun rays.

3. Once you are done applying the foundation, wait for a while to let it settle down in your skin before you start putting on makeup.

4. Your eyes are important to focus on for that celebrity look. Coloring your eyes intensively will create a stunning focus. 

5. The latest trend for celebrities is the use of smoky eye make up and very reduced make up on the rest of the face. Make ups like that are perfect for celebrations, party and important events.

6. With a long lasting glossy lipstick and a blush of bronzer on your cheeks you will create a more glossy look.

7. If you are using makeup everyday to your office then use products that stay on for long but apply them in less quantity. 

8. Water based make up products will not accumulate as much and look less oily. It's easier for the skin to absorb them.

9. It is also necessary to give your skin the chance to breathe without a layer of makeup on it. Before you go to bed you should use a quality make up remover and wash off the resicuals thoroughly.

10. For the night use a re-moiisterizing night cream to achieve a soft and glowing skin. From time to time you should also use face packs to improve the elasticity of the skin and prevent pore opening and aging.

To achieve a healthy, glowing skin you will also have to consume sufficient amounts of fiber and vitamins in form of fresh fruit and vegetables. By dringking a lot of water you will remove toxins from your body and maintain your skin healthy and hydrated.