Awesome House Party Themes

House parties are almost always a great time but sometimes they seem to be missing something to really put them over the edge. You can have great music, great people and a great venue but still be missing that fun factor. The easiest thing you can do to crank the fun factor through the roof at your house party is to introduce a theme.

First thing to do is choose your theme. Once you've chosen your theme, you will want to decorate your house accordingly and make sure all invitees are aware that your party is themed. If you have friends that are unable to come up with a costume for your theme party, keep a few extra little gimmick items around to help 'theme' them up when they show up for the party so they don't stand out like a soar thumb.

There are literally thousands of different themes you can use for your theme party so I won't list every thing under the sun, but here are a few of my personal favorite themes for parties.

Opposite sex party

The opposite sex party takes a fair amount of work and can be a bit difficult to organize, but if pulled off is one of the more hilarious parties you can throw. At an opposite sex party, every person has to come dressed as a member from the opposite sex. Guys wear wigs, short skirts and makeup, and ladies put your hair up in a hat and wear some more masculine clothes.

Superhero partySuperhero party

The Superhero themed party is pretty fun and is great to see how imaginative people can be. There are so many different comic book Superheroes out there, but a few people always wind up wearing similar outfits. There is nothing quite like having a conversation with somebody dressed up in tights and a Speedo.

Lingerie party

Lingerie parties are a little more risqué and are more appropriate for a slightly more mature audience. At a lingerie themed party, women will wear lingerie that they are comfortable wearing around friends and guys either wear their boxers or a house coat. Lingerie parties tend to work really well for swinger parties or key parties but that is a whole other article.

Heaven/Hell party

The Heaven and Hell party is another fun event that can be as simple as tossing on some fake wings or some little horns on your head. The Heaven and Hell party can also double as a Naughty or Nice party where your true personality can come out.

Silly Hat PartyFunny Hat party

The funny hat party is great for people who want to have a theme party but don't want to pressure their guests into packing something elaborate. Some people will come wearing home made hats and some people will show up wearing things you never even knew was intended to be put on your head.

Bling/Glitter Party

This is a popular one amongst suburban white folks who want to dress up as their favorite rapper. Cover yourself in fake diamonds, giant necklaces and get yourself as flashy as possible.

80s party

If you look back at the last few decades the 80's has to be the tackiest and that is what can make it so fun. People will show up at your party with jean jackets, torn jeans, and hair so large only the 80's could handle it.

Disney party

Thanks to Disney having so many stinking movies consisting of so many characters Disney parties are always a great time. Get together with seven of your buddies and dress up as the seven dwarfs, or even different items from The Beauty and the Beast mansion. Regardless of which Disney character you choose, Disney costumes are always a hit.

Moustache PartyMoustache Party

Moustache parties are fun for both men and women. Obviously most women can't grow a real moustache so replacing your fake moustache with a simple fake stick on one is perfectly acceptable. For guys who can't grow a moustache, felt pens are available at the door to give yourself that look your body just can't grow.

Ugly Sweater Party

The ugly sweater party goes best with Christmas time. Simply go to your favorite second hand clothing store and pick yourself up the absolute ugliest sweater you can find. Go home and glue some Christmas sayings all over it with sequins and get ready to show off your awesome ugly sweater.