Make life a little simpler by going green around your house, besides making you feel good by doing your part to save our environment and earth for future generations to come.

Save with Glass: If you have a baby in the house, using glass bottles to make baby formula it saves on the amount of plastics being used, besides it safer for baby, instead of using toxic plastic.

Stop Idling Away: When you leave your car idling, you are placing toxic fumes in the air and wasting needless gas, Americans idle away 2.9 billion gallons of gas a year, worth over $78.2 billion dollars.

Organic Farming: Grow a green garden, besides putting oxygen back in the air; you are getting pesticide free food, your saving trucking, gas, cost and saving on doctor bills from eating healthy.

Turn off Your Electrical Products: When you're not using your appliances, or computer, turn them off, and unplug them, save on energy and wear and tear, and increase your savings by $100.00 a year. Appliances that stay plugged in still use electricity.

Sign Up for Green Power: Did you know that over half of electricity consumers have the option of using green power, check with your own utility company to see if it's available; the Dept of Energy has information on how you can purchase green power.

Lower Your Thermostat: For every degree that you lower the thermostat a household can save between 1 to 3% of your heating bill, if you are cold throw on a sweatshirt, sweater, did you know if your cold your body burns twice as much energy to stay warm, great way to lose weight don't you think!

Cold Water Washing: When it comes to washing your laundry, most of your laundry doesn't need to be washed in hot water, 90% of energy used by a washing machine goes into heating the water from cold to hot, which increases your electrical bill.

Bill Pay Online: Save on gas, wear and tear on your vehicle by paying your household bills online, by going to paperless billing process you save trees, and the paper products needed to send your bills back and forth. Also, you will save on postage stamps.

Bunk the Junk Mail: Did you know it takes 100 million trees and 30 billion gallons of water to make and send you junk mail. You can stop 75% of unsolicited mail by taking the time to register at the Direct Marketing Association Website (for a small fee of a dollar) It will take approximately 90 days, yeh no more junk mail.

Good Riddance to Plastic Water Bottles: Using a Brita Water Filtering system can save you $1.50 a bottle, and if you drink 2 bottles of water a day, that's $60.00 a month, and $720.00 a year, just think of where else you could spend $720.00.

Carpooling: Save on gas at $3.50 a gallon or more at different locations of the U.S. and 10% carbon emissions every time you carpool with other people. Just think of all the things you can talk about on your way to work.