Buying the most expensive subwoofer on the market will not do you any good if the cone or voice coils blow; it will be deemed as being useless because the speaker will no longer be able to emit bass tones. Other than choosing the subwoofer brands with the best warranties, you should definitely consider choosing the 10 inch car subwoofers that are durable, and will ultimately have a long life of playing bass notes in the trunk of your car.

Unfortunately, many car stereo users do not know the specific limits that they can push their 10 inch car subwoofers to, and ultimately end up blowing the voice coils and cones within the subwoofer. There are times in which the car stereo user follows all of the instructions and limitations that the subwoofer comes with, and the speaker still ends up blowing! Both of these situations can be avoided by spending a few extra dollars and buying the subwoofers that will not blow when being put under pressure!

The Boss Phantom Will Not Blow, And It Is A Shallow Mount Subwoofer

Boss is a subwoofer brand that has not been around nearly as long as many of the more popular brands such as Kenwood, Rockford Fosgate, and Pioneer; however, Boss has a few 10 inch car subwoofers that are durable enough to be pushed to their limit and not blow the cone and voice coils.

This specific Boss Phantom is one of the best 10 inch car subwoofers because it will fit in the most compact cars due to its shallow mount nature and flat surface. In addition to being able to fit nearly everywhere, this speaker sells on Amazon for under $50!

This Boss subwoofer features a 4 ohm system, which is compatible with the majority of car amplifiers, and pumps out a massive 400 RMS watts of bass! If this subwoofer isn’t sure to wake your neighbours, then I don’t know which speaker will!

The Sony XPLOD Series Is Full Of 10 Inch Car Subwoofers That Will Not Blow

Many people were entirely against Sony releasing subwoofers for cars when they first came out because the company pretty much had their hand in absolutely every electronics industry known to man. However, Sony went against all odds when releasing the XPLOD series of subwoofers because they made them durable enough to last through high wattage amplifiers and the damages of throwing hockey bags in the trunk with the subwoofer.

Although the Sony XPLOD series has many 10 inch subwoofers that will not blow, the specific model that comes to mind is the Sony XLS subwoofer. The Sony XPLOD XLS can be found on Amazon for just under $50, and features a powerful 4 ohm voice coil set up. If the strong voice coils aren’t enough to sell you on this Sony 10 inch subwoofer, then the micro woven and reinforced cone should definitely make you head to the speaker store to pick one of these subwoofers up.

The Sony XLS is definitely one of the best 10 inch car subwoofers that you will come across; it features durability, and 600 watts of raw RMS power!

The Dual Electronics DS10 Is A Cheap Subwoofer, But It Will Not Blow!

For some odd reason, this Dual Electronics subwoofer has gone against all odds. A car stereo expert will be the first person to tell you that 10 inch car subwoofers that sell for $30 will definitely not last long; a car stereo installer predicted that it would only last a few hours. However, upon testing the Dual Electronics DS10, I have found out that it can withstand a beating of the most powerful Rockford Fosgate amps!

This specific speaker can emit 125 RMS watts of massive bass! That may not seem like a lot at first glance; however, pair this subwoofer up with a nicely ported box, and your trunk will be rattling for days to come! Although this is not the best subwoofer on the market, I would definitely deem this as one of the best 10 inch car subwoofers for your car that will not blow. The only reason that I have included this speaker in this article is because of its bang for your buck ratio. You pay only $30 for a 10 inch subwoofer that will last you a lifetime when you pair it with the proper amplifier.

I have gone on about the top 3 subwoofer models that will last you years; however, you must realize that one of the best ways to ensure that 10 inch car subwoofers don’t blow is to pair them up with a car amplifier that has the proper wattage and power rating. With that being said, these specific 10 inch car subwoofers will give you the best chance of survival if you choose to pair them up with the wrong amplifier!