Michigan Map

There are many interesting facts about Michigan that you were probably unaware of. Whether you live in Michigan, or you are thinking that you want to take a visit there, check out these 10 interesting facts about Michigan and get an idea of how unique this state can really be. There are many cool Michigan facts that will really make you think twice about exploring the state and heading there whether you currently live their or you are visiting from another state.


1. Michigan Ranks Number One in Boat Registration

It shouldn’t be a surprise with this Michigan fact, but Michigan is ranked number one in boat registration. Since there are lakes nearly surrounding Michigan and it if it wasn’t for Ohio, it’d basically be an island, it makes sense that there would be a lot of boats here and a lot of boat registrations in Michigan. This is definitely a great reason to live in Michigan and a Michigan fact that will bring tourists and people that are interested in living in Michigan also.


2. The Mackinac Bridge is One of the Largest Suspension Bridges in the World

Who would have known that when they built the Mackinac Bridge to connect the lower peninsula of Michigan to the upper peninsula of Michigan that it would end up being one of the largest bridges in the world. In fact, with these facts about Michigan, we learn that the Mackinac Bridge is 5 miles as it spans across the Straits of Mackinac and is definitely a site that people that live in Michigan try to see yearly and those that are visiting Michigan definitely need to take a look at. Take this Michigan fact and use it as an excuse to see a beautiful part of the state.


3. Gerald Ford Was Raised in Michigan

Sure, every state probably has a President that was born there, without the exception of a few. It is a well-known Michigan fact that Gerald Ford was raised in Michigan. Gerald Ford ended up being the 38th president of the United States and he was born and raised in Grand Rapids, Michigan, which is on the west side of the state. It is really important to understand these Michigan facts so that you can learn about the Presidents.


4. The Kellogg Company is Located in Michigan

Did you know that the Kellogg Cereal Company is based in Michigan? In fact, there are many interesting facts about Michigan and the Kellogg company in particular. One of the Michigan facts about the Kellogg company is the fact that the Kellogg brothers actually accidentally discovered the process for producing flakes of cereal and this actually started the dry cereal industry, which was something that changed breakfast foods forever. This is a great Michigan fact that you should be aware of and you can even visit the Kellogg plant today when you are in the state.


5. Vernor’s Ginger Ale was Created in Detroit Michigan

When you have that stomach ache, probably one of the first things that your mother brought you was Vernor’s Ginger Ale. Interesting facts about Michigan include that this type of ginger ale was created in Michigan and was manufactured there for a very long period of time. In fact, this was the first soda pop that was made in the United States, and it all came from the great state of Michigan.


6. The Detroit Zoo Was the 1st Zoo To Have Open Exhibits

The Detroit Zoo is a fixture in Detroit and there are many interesting facts about Michigan that revolve around this zoo. In fact, one of the biggest Michigan facts is that the Detroit Zoo was the first zoo in the United States that had cageless, open exhibits for animals that allowed them to roam free and to have more freedom than other zoos that were throughout the country. Today, some of the birds still roam free in the zoo area.


7. Michigan Has a Lot of Water

Most of the interesting facts about Michigan revolve around the water, the lakes, and the amount of water that Michigan has. In fact, Michigan facts include the fact that there are more than 11,000 inland lakes and 36,000 miles of streams. On top of that, Michigan has more shoreline than any other state with the exception of Alaska and Michigan has the longest freshwater shoreline in the world. The waters in Michigan are very important.


8. Michigan has Made International History

Some interesting facts about Michigan include that Michigan had the 1st auto traffic tunnel that was built between two nations, this was the Detroit-Windsor tunnel that was actually built under the Detroit River. Michigan also created the first international railway tunnel that connected Port Huron and Sarnia together and was opened in 1891. These are interesting facts about Michigan and are very important to know about the great lakes state.


9. Detroit Had the 1st Phone Numbers in the Nation

Because of the creation of the assembly line for cars in Detroit and the fact that it was the main manufacturing hub, one of the most interesting facts about Michigan is the fact that Detroit was the first phone customers to have assigned phone numbers. This made strides in the way that people called other people and there were no longer the shared lines that people were used to. This interesting fact moved Michigan forward and put Detroit light years above other cities in the nation that had the phone service also.


10. Distance to the Great Lakes

Probably one of the most fascinating and interesting facts about Michigan is the distance to the Great Lakes that you are when you are in the state. At any point in Michigan and at any location, you will never be any further than 85 miles from a Great Lake, which is absolutely amazing. This is something that you should check out and know that no matter where you are, you are only 85 miles away from water, that is less than an hour!