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Most people cannot go to a movie or watch one at home without their favorite snack, Popcorn.  It has become as American as apple pie and a lot cheaper to enjoy.  Most venues that you attend will serve Popcorn and thankfully do to it being low in fat and high in fiber it’s not bad for you.   Here are 10 other facts about Popcorn.

1.       Popcorn kernels were discovered in caves in New Mexico in 1948.  They were said to have been over 5000 years old.  Originally discovered by Native Americans it is one of the oldest forms of corn.  An interesting side note is purple colored popcorn was discover in the early 1900’s.

2.      China had a unique method for popping popcorn.  Their method was to pour the kernels into a large canister and turn it slowly over a fire.  Once it reached a certain temperature as measured on the outside gage; the seal was released and all the popcorn was popped instantaneously. 

3.      Six places claim that they are the Popcorn Capitol of the World; to include Ridgeway , Ill., Marion, OH, North Loup, NB, Van Buren, IN, Schaller, IA and Valpairso, IN.  Ironically, the two states where corn in grown to produce popcorn is Indiana and Nebraska.  Around 250 million pounds are produced per year in Nebraska alone. That shows you clearly which state has any right to making such a claim.

4.      As Americans we enjoy about 17 billion quarts of popcorn a year.  Just to bring that into perspective, that’s about 56 quarts per person yearly.  Now that’s a lot of popcorn.

5.      During the Great Depression the popcorn business was one of the few businesses that did well.  This was mainly due to its inexpensive cost.  When it was initially sold commercially the cost was around 5 cent per bag.  This one fact helped popcorn to quickly become a very popular snack.

6.      During the mid-1990’s it was reported in the movie called “Popcorn,” that popcorn sold in movie theatres were popped in coconut oil and topped with butter.  According to the report popcorn had more fat than a Big Mac and fries.

7.      Movie theatres make more money from the sale of popcorn than they do from ticket sales.  This is due to popcorn being almost 90% profit.  Because popcorn usually makes the consumer thirsty the theatres sales more drinks as well.

8.      Some of the best and tastiest Christmas tree decorations are made of Popcorn.  They are stringed together to encompass the entirety of the tree.  Not only does it give a tree that homey feel; it also provides as snack when you need it.

9.      Popcorn kernels that don’t pop are called “old maids.”  This is because the kernels are said to be left behind.  At least it didn’t say because they are eaten by cats. 

10.  Specially designed popcorn machines for commercial use were invented by Charles Cretors in 1885. He introduced to the world the first machine that used steam to pop the kernels and produce popcorn.

    Popcorn has truly been a snack for all time.  Whether it was eaten in the 1800's or enjoyed by us today.  We can't help but love it.  Thank goodness for this great corn; it's cheap,  easy to eat, and somewhat healthy.  The American dream fulfilled.