Fun Facts about the OlympicsWith the 2010 Winter Games soon to take place in Vancouver, British Columbia there is no better time to remind people of the many interesting facts that are associated with the Olympic Games. May it be from why there is a flame that is lit at the beginning of the games, to the Olympics that were first to be televised. Read on to find out the answers to these questions and learn many more fun facts about the Olympic Games.

Facts about the Olympics

1. The Olympics location is always officially listed in the hosting city as opposed to the country

2. The first ever Opening Ceremonies were held at the London Olympic Games in 1908.

3. In 1912 the last gold medal made entirely out of gold was awarded.

4. Spyros Samaras composed the famous Olympic Hymn which is played when the Olympic Flag is raised. The IOC declared the official hymn of the Olympics in 1957.

5. Russia had a few athletes take place in the 1908 and 1912 Olympics, however it was not untill the 1952 games that they fully took part.

6. Olympic medals are designed by the organizing comitte of each Olympic Games. The silver medal must be made of 92.5% silver while the gold medal must be covered in 6 grams of gold

7. The Olympic flame first appeared in the Olympics in 1928. The idea of using a flame came from the ancient Olympic Games in Greece where they would light the flame at the beginning of the games and keep it burning until the end of the games.

8. The Berlin Games in 1936 were the first games to be televised.

9. The five rings on the Olympic Flag symbolizes the five significant continents. The colors on of the rings were chosen since at least one of the colors could be found on every flag of all the countries.

10. It wasn't until 1900 that women were allowed to participate in the Olympic Games.

Bonus Fact: There are many sports that have existed in the Olympics but have been removed,for the full list click here.