If you’re looking for something that is going to be fun, educational and offer a great opportunity for walking about on a sunny afternoon you should consider heading out to the Detroit zoo. It’s an inexpensive day that can allow a family to see more than 1500 animals from around 260 species. There is fun for everyone with films, displays, life animals in environments that are natural and beautiful to behold and tons of selections for refreshments. If this sounds like something you’d like to do often, save yourself some money by investing in a Detroit zoo membership.

1. The Detroit zoo began in 1911 as a group of men from the most respected families in Detroit including Ford. The society bought and sold land at a profit before securing its location near Ten Mile Road and Woodward five years later. Richard E. Follet was the first zoologist hired. He began the project by working on landscaping and raising pheasants and other game birds on the property. It wasn’t until 1923 that the city finally approved a zoo millage and started assisting the society.

2. The Detroit Zoo is located on 125 acres and prides itself in maintaining habitats that are focused on a natural setting. When the first zoologist, Richard E. Follet came aboard he focused on getting the grounds in set up in a manner so to facilitate the best homes for the widest amount of species. He planted trees early on and this foresight really paid off. A Detroit zoo membership can allow you to witness the wonderful landscaping and how it changes with the seasons.

3. A Detroit Zoo Membership allows for free admission there and free or discounted admission at many other zoos across the country. It includes free admission to the Belle Isle Nature Zoo which is an environment that houses wildlife specific to Michigan.  Detroit zoo membership gives you free admission to the zoo for a year and gives discounts to many other zoos. In addition to that you will feel good knowing you are helping the zoo to help and rescue exotic animals that don’t have many places to turn to.

4. The Detroit Zoo has 11 large displays that house more than 1500 animals. This makes it possible to spend the entire day learning about creatures that inhabit our world. The zoo has them displayed in such a way as to make it appear you are touring the world and all its continents. This facilitates viewing all the animals in ways that are similar to how they would be found in nature. Not enough time to visit everything you want in one day? Don’t sweat it, just get a Detroit zoo membership and skip paying admission fees all year so you can keep up on all the displays and critters.

5. The Detroit zoo was one of the front runners of animal welfare. Their statement of purpose is to celebrate and save wildlife, with a mission to demonstrate leadership in wildlife conservation and welfare.  They strive to educate large audiences with the proper care and stewardship of nature and the environment. Its earliest start was with rescuing a small circus’s animals from starving. A Detroit zoo membership is just one of the important ways a person or family can help support the noble cause this zoo is working toward.

6. Check out the Giraffe Encounter. One of the neatest things to do while visiting the Detroit Zoo is to hand feed the giraffes. This is allowed several times a week from late spring to early fall. They even have a raised platform that makes it possible for guests to see the graceful animals eye to eye while feeding them their special treats.  With a Detroit zoo membership it’s easy to make sure you’ll be able to go to the zoo on a day you can feed these lovely animals.

7. Host a party at the Detroit zoo. While it is very possible to have a picnic or birthday party for your child here, it is also possible to have a wedding or work dinner at the zoo as well. The Arctic Ring of Life provides a truly unique backdrop for a wedding or business conference, with a 300,000 gallon chilled aquatic environment. For those interested in a rainforest setting, the National Amphibian Center is also available for rental for parties of 75.

8. The theater offers 3D and 4D wildlife themed shows at the Detroit zoo. They provide several other rides also including a railroad, a wild adventure ride and this year Dinosauria which is the largest outdoor dinosaur exhibit. With a Detroit zoo membership the whole family can go and enjoy seasonal displays without having to pay the cost of admission each time they do.

9. There are two fabulous educational opportunities the Detroit Zoo provides exclusively for youth. They have camps for youth as young as 4 all the way to teens that teach about nature, conservation, dinosaurs, habitats and working with animals. It’s important to check out which camp is most appropriate for your youth before signing them up. They also offer a humane education program that helps people to learn more about the best way to treat animals. If getting your child involved with one of the camps isn’t in the cards then check out the Detroit zoo membership so you can head to the zoo whenever you wish to.

10. The Holden Museum has 85 species that includes more than 250 individuals in this museum of living reptiles at the Detroit Zoo. This is a fantastic way to get to see some of the world’s most unusual creatures in homes that are made to be as close to their natural habitat as possible. There is educational information found throughout that allows people to get an idea of each species and where they come from in addition to how they live. With a Detroit zoo membership it’s possible to check out the museum and any other number of the displays whenever you wish to.